About LC, FMA

Latosa Concepts logo red backgroundWelcome to the Latosa Concepts, FMA blog.

You will find information about training escrima, and just about anything that might be relevant to self-defense, combative training and the up-keep of the human body and mind. The last two are, after all, important keys to self-defense and combative training.

Many of the subjects are based on earlier experience when teaching escrima and self-defense¬†through out the years as well as current training experiences. There are a few videos / pictures from way back when, aka “from the vault.” You will find entries & thoughts about FMA systems in general as well as the Escrima style GM Rene Latosa promotes.

There will be guest who post entries as well. These will most likely be people and instructors who follow the style GM Latosa leads the way in.

Any Hoo! Enjoy!