Grayman Knives

The Following is an entry from the Stonewall-Shield blog… Old but good. 

I had originally intended to write about something else in this next blog entry. That was changed when I came across an article in Tactical Knives. I’ll get back to the intended subject another day.

I think my interest for knives started at an early age. Like most kids I liked whittling on a pcs. of wood as a kid. When my farther introduced me to the world of scuba diving a knife went along with it.  I was given a smaller knife to go along with my young age and size. I started diving at a very early age. I distinctly remember that large pearl handle knife that resembles some of the knives that Grayman Knives makes. I remember the feeling of having a knife in my hand that would not break if it was used for more than the usual a diving knife goes through. Training edged weapon tactics for some time now, it is easy to see that the Grayman Knives are good for the “above and beyond” type of use.  There is a short intro to the article on the website. Follow the link to read about the “made for heavy use knives.” If I ever got back into camping and hunting I would get one very quickly. As a side note, I have an aluminum trainer that is close in shape to one of the models shown on the Grayman website. I love it!  I have to force my self to use other trainers in order to have a feeling for different knives. Check out the Grayman Knives website here ( ) and the intro. article here at .

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