Edged weapons training when alone

There is no need to not train your edged weapon skills  when you don’t have a training partner. The summer is getting closer and with that, there are always problems with training partners going on vacation with the family or just the exam season.  There is no need to not work out and better your skills or just burn off some steam. When there is a will, there is away!

There are many people who have seen me doing what I jokingly callmy stick-aerobics. I have posted a section of one of the work outs bellow. When I do it, I combine working on a sand bag with padded sticks, aluminum trainers, nok knife trainers and many other things. Some sessions combine unarmed confrontations using a dummy or a sandbag and then drawing a sidearm while moving away. There is more about this subject in the “visual Focus Training” entry.

Getting back to the bladed weapons training, you can see me using a few alu-trainers” with an old tire fixed to a stand with wheels. Both the bag and the tire have advantages and disadvantages. With the bag, you can punch it with a normal strike force. With the tire, I would recommend using aluminum trainers or actual bladed weapons.  Another possibility is the use of heavy composit sticks. When you use light sticks the vibrations from the stick go back into your joints. This gives joint pains and inflammation.

There are other possibilities such as cutting poles in the back yard. This gives the ability to experience how a knife feels when it is jammed into something and gets stuck or slightly stuck. Make sure you are aware of the dangers of cutting your self if you chooses this training tool!  There are also other possibilities such as a pole connected to the floor and the ceiling with bungee cords. We are getting back to moveable targets again. Your timing will improve when using movable targets.

For the pro’s out there you can work with the clearing & draw training with the sandbag or the bungee-pole. keeping a bead on the moving target keeps you sharp.

Be proactive in life and training!


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