What is Latosa Concepts?

What is Latosa Concepts?

Through out the years in which I taught the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA/ Escrima) with WT Scand. and via Security Concepts at the police club on Artillerivej in Copenhagen, I have continued to evolve the situations in which the FMA are taught in Denmark. Stress training, environmental training, power seminars and other subjects are some examples. Latosa Concepts is the result of this evolution.

Latosa Concepts is based largely on the dynamic teachings of Grand Master Rene Latosa. As well as being a stand alone system, LC also works well as a supplement to other martial arts because of the realistic view of weapons. Realistic, logical, and dynamic solutions to self-defense are the key. Add to that the fact that all attackers are assumed to have a weapon and it becomes even more universal.

Some of the terms that are used during workshops and classes are buffer zone, power mechanisms, dynamics and the concepts that GM Rene Latosa has combined and refined to create his special brand of Filipino Martial Arts. Speed, Timing, distance and transition are but a few of the guide line and tools Latosa Concepts follows / uses.

What situations are trained in Latosa Concepts?

After the basic mechanics of moving and some of the mental aspects of Filipino Martial Arts are developed, you will learn about blunt weapon defense, bladed/edge weapon dangers, unarmed application including take downs, and the use of longer weapons. Add to that a percentage of training is based on some of the themes mentioned: Environmental Training, Power Training, etc., and you will have a complete package.

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