Dansk Folkehjælp. First aid courses and more

Have you taken a first aid courses lately? I took a refresher courses last week and I am glad I did. There are quite a few things that have changed throughout the years. I started taking first aid courses when I was thirteen. It was part of a scuba diving course I took. After that There was the obligatory refresher course because I was a lifeguard and a volunteer fireman for a while. Doing security work here in Denmark required even more courses. The funny thing about all the courses is there are procedures that have changed and some that have remained the same. Heart and lunge rescue has changed drastically.

With that said, I will repeat what I started with. Have you taken a first aid course lately? Having a son that has what I call a suicide gene, I am glad that I have done it. My boy has to try things once he gets an idea in his head, some bite him in the butt. Add to that the fact that we teach self-defense and do personal training as well as classes, it’s just crazy not to stay up to date.

If you live in Denmark, I can recommend Dansk Folkehjælp. I was lucky enough to have a very good instructor by the name of Benny Mattsson. If you can book Benny for your group or your company you will be in very good hands. Having done security work with Benny, I can personally vouch for his professionalism in every way.

Dansk Førstehjælp will be placed in the network area of the blog. Ya’ll have a great day.

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