What a Master Does Not Teach (via "Secrets" of the Filipino Fighting Arts)

As you can see I am keeping and eye on the blog bellow. There is a lot of interesting food for thought in what he writes. As always, there will be statements that I or another person do not agree with. We are after all individuals with our own experiences. What is important is the general information and the main theme of what is written. Take the time to read it in it’s entirety and enjoy. With that said, when we stop thinking and evolving we stagnate.

Have a great Holiday!

Be Proactive in Life and Training

You may have noticed when looking at Masters and their students, that there seems to be a disparity between teachers of equal rank under the same master. Normally–and dare I say this–a real master will not have a well-defined curriculum. This is because the path to mastery does not involve a lot of thought about “what will I do when I teach this art”. Most real masters of the art were more concerned with learning and perfecting the art as young … Read More

via “Secrets” of the Filipino Fighting Arts

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