Importance of Training Around Power (via "Secrets" of the Filipino Fighting Arts)

The blog entry below is from another FMA instructor who also writes about his experiences and some of his knowledge. Sadly, I am behind on reading all the other blogs etc. that I like to keep up to date with. I just found this one while answering emails. It fits with the recent Latosa Concepts entry on Power mechanics and how to develop them. He get’s into the reason I call power training “power mechanism training.” Power mechanisms are a source of power as well as a control mechanism. This is true when you use them or when they are used against you. Any Hoo! Enjoy

Be proactive in Life and Training


One of the most important methods you can use to prepare your fighters for combat is to have them train “around” power. Why “around” power? This is what I mean:  Fighters and students must learn to harness power, utilize power mechanics, stop power, redirect power, control power, manipulate power, withstand power. The FMA man is always calling himself a “weapons” expert, yet he rarely practices with power. Barring certain styles of blades and sti … Read More

via “Secrets” of the Filipino Fighting Arts

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