Visual Focus Training

Visual Focus Training, what is it ?

Everything is subjective as we all know. The way we see things visibly and with regards to understanding is different depending on our focus. This can be an unconscious reaction/plan or something we work on consciously.

Vision is the same. Our eyes are a part of the body that can be trained just as most parts of the human body. When I trained karate & aikido I used to go through a yoga program for the whole body including my eyes. My sight improved for a while during/after that time. My focus went elsewhere when I started wing tsun and escrima. If you have the time, look into the different exercises for your eyes.

One of the things I do now is another type of training for my eye sight. I use the kung fu wooden dummy. You start with basic defenses against a stab. Starting with a wide general visual focus, you go to a point shooting visual focus. Then you move farther away from a target and use the iron sight close visual focus.

This is a good drill for people who use glasses because our sight is not perfect without them. I never train with mine. Ergo, I have to practice using the iron sight focus without glasses. A simple soft gun or a training copy of the side arm you use is a good training tool for this.

Once we get past talking about the visual focus training we can start looking at the mental focus training which professional should train regularly in my opinion.

I remember talking to my father and other instructors at the academy about the difference in the type of visual focus used by a martial artist and a cop. The more I thought about it, the more it became apparent that there is no difference. There are different situations in which the three types of focus are used. The trick is to be aware of this and learn to change (quickly) between the three types of focus. This is an example of the difference between martial arts training and tactical training that I and many other talk about today. Once again, I don’t like the term “sports specific” but the term works here. Tactical training is specific for it’s objectives, ergo it is also sport specific.

I know that martial arts training in it’s original form was tactical training. But we have to look

at the general use of the word today. Most “martial arts” are martial sports today. This is the sad truth. With that said, don’t forget your visual training, or maybe you should start with being aware of how you focus on things.

Be proactive in Life and Training


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