Eat The Green Frog!

Some people might recognize the title of this blog entry…. Eat the green Frog! I forget where I read about it, it might have been a survival blog or an inspirational blog. Either way the truth of it can’t be denied.

What does it mean? If you imagine you have a plate in front of you and you have to eat everything on the plate. There is a nice juicy steak and … a green frog! Some of you might be thinking that you will just refuse. Let’s say that you can’t refuse it. Expend all your excuses and there answer is still the same. You have to do it. What now.

If you start to eat the steak and try to focus on how good it is you will still be starting at the green frog. I would bet that the steak would not taste as good as it really does because of that green frog on the plate. Especially when it starts to make unsavory sounds because it knows what is to happen when you are finished with the steak.

Did you enjoy the steak? I think not.

We all procrastinate with all sorts of things. I know listening to certain songs will reenforce the procrastination for my sake. Other songs will help me focus on the job at hand and thinking rationally. Look up the Beethoven / Mozart Effect. Any hoo, it doesn’t help to start the procrastination train and ruin your meal /day by having that green frog in the back of your thought all the way through your meal / day.

Our day to day life is the same as many projects we have to do. It is easier to get the nasty part that we are dreading over with so we can enjoy the rest of the journey we call life. Someone I used to respect once told me that it was always a joy to look at a to-do-list and see all the post marked off and behind her. Think back at a list of things you had to do and try to remember how nice it was to just have fun doing something afterwards.

Where do we go from here? The answer is training. When most people train , they tend to do what they are good at. That is usually because it is easy. Sometimes it can be because of routine / habit. What happens is that the little thing we should make sure to work on ,because they are our weaknesses,  are ignored and allowed to stay a weakness. We can look at physical training and conditioning and see that we begin to form our physic and movement around a weakness. The same can happen with self-dense / combative training. We start to become limited in what we do which in turns opens windows of attack to a competitor or assailant.

Do you remember the green frog? You should, the weakness is the green frog, the open window (for the attack) is the frog, and the imbalance we created in our body becomes the green frog that keeps us from enjoying that steak to utmost.

Instructors should teach what they are good at and they should teach their students to not have the weakness they have or had at one time. High stabs were a pet project for me for quite a while at one time. The reason being, I found that I was not up to the level of reaction that I expected of my self at that time. The answer was easy … fix it! Because students usually resemble the instructor that became a pet project for the student program for a while.

EAT THE DANG GREEN FROG ! Be honest with your self about procrastination and avoiding weaknesses be it physical, mental or combative. Some ways in which I did it was to take private lessons in BJJ and IPSC shooting. My heart has always been more IPDA based and still is. But the fact, that the private instruction did help, could not be denied. I am better for it. Where is your green frog? What is your green frog? Do you know?

Enough preachin’.  I hope I sparked you into finding that green frog and eating it. I am working on getting MA to write a few post in the future. Let’s hope I catch him at a weak moment and make him agree to it. It might be in Danish, we’ll see. Ya’ll have a great one. Ribbit!

Be Proactive in Life and Training 


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