Self-reliance part 2.

To start with, I hope ya’ll are having a great day.

As you  can see this is a continuance of the first post on self-reliance. The first one was meant to be a one time deal, but It got me thinking about all sorts of things. A link that I put on Facebook made me think even more and the experience I have with teaching self-defense and fitness/personal training got me even more worked up about writing some more on the subject.

In the first self-reliance blog entry, I compared some basic ideas of self-reliance and the ability to fend for one-self in other situations such as self-defense. You might say I tried to make you think about considering if you should widen the areas of your life in which you are self-reliant to your ability protect yourself.

In this one, the trainer/coach in me is coming out some more.  My question for you this time around is: How much do you know about what you are feeding yourself or your children for that matter?

The following questions might arise suddenly: Is it self-reliant to not know what is going on with your food? Is it self-reliance when people follow the crowd blindly? Is that not what we are doing when we let other people dictate what we need to know about our food, about our life and well being?

If you are like me, you are not a Prepper in the common use of the word. Some people can be extreme. More power to them if that is truly what they want. I can live with and be happy with just having a certain amount of control with my life and by playing the “what if game”. I have recently closed my company to start working for others. Less stress and more time to lead my son into his future is a necessity for me. Another area in which we all need more control is food quality.

My asthma is no longer a problem for me because we don’t eat foods with wheat gluten anymore. Sometimes we eat rice, live with it, we are not completely Paleo. Part of being a paleo family is knowing about what happens to your engine when it burns different fuels ( processed food is one kind of fuel). A comparison could be  a car  engine that breaks down when there is water in the gas tank … what do you think would happen to your engine when the wrong things get mixed into the gas? As I read more and more about the effects of specific foods on the human body I became more aware that we, as a whole, are not getting all the information we need from our doctors and other professionals who are supposed to know much more. The problem is also the fact that they are not getting all the information as well. Add to that the fact that wanting all the information is often called radical by the companies that are against us knowing everything. What do you get?  …. A lot of watered down information that has to do with our health and our children’s health.

My last doctor replied to my accusation that he had no knowledge of nutrition by saying … “why should I?” It makes you think doesn’t it. I got rid of then man!

I know how much the changes we have made can and have effected our health and well being, through first hand experiences. You have to ask yourself now, if you are ready to be more self-reliant regarding your health. Just eating real food without all the added extras alone will make a difference in your life. Making changes to get rid of gut irritants makes even more of a change.

Do you know that there is something called bone broth? By making bone broth when we cook a duck, turkey or chicken ion the oven, we take responsibility for our own health. In this case joint health. Did you know that soy milk is full of anti-nutrients that actually leaches the bone healthy minerals out of you? There is more. Self-reliance is not taking other persons words as the truth without checking the facts.

The health industry is an industry, and that means that there are factions and lobby groups that work for their own interest not yours. A business prime aim is to make money. Nutrition is a business in every part of the word.

Self-reliance should encompass as many aspects of our lives as we can cope with and still enjoy life. The gas that makes the engine run with out breakdowns just might be a good place to start.

We’ll see if there is a self-reliance #3, It depends on if something gets under my skin. I am still working on getting MA to write a few entries on the blog. If you know him you are welcome to give him a little pinch.

Be Proactive in Life and Training


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