Latosa Concepts Escrima online and offline terminology for FMA.

Latosa Concepts escrima Offline movement diagramLatosa Concepts Escrima online and offline terminology for FMA.

I hope ya’ll are  doing well. It’s time for a little basic terminology. As you can see, there is a big honkin’ picture to the left. The reason for this is simple. It’s easier to explain with pictures when we are not talking face to face. The picture shows a general area in which a GG ( Good Guy) finds himself after the first movement if he /she moves offline. The areas overlap and curve to be honest. I’m just not that good with the drawing program. You can get a rough idea though. You can see the general online, offline and squared off positions. There are other positions but this will do for starters.

Picture 2 shows the foot orientation that usually goes with focus and stability in relation to the BG (Bad Guy) by the GG.  The funny thing about the feet, now that we are on the Offline  movement diagramsubject, is that they are good indicators of energy path and focus. Energy and focus are key to power. Balance plays in as well. Is it impossible to have energy focused in a direction other than the direction the feet point? No, it is not impossible. With that said, it sure is easier to have your feet in the correct direction if not much much easier!

In order to clarify I’ll use an example. Try to imagine a sprinter that runs with his/her feet turned outward at an angle. Can you imagine the sprinter winning the race? I can not. The rest of the sprinters in any given race will have their feet pointed forwards.

If we look at the nature of the attack from an assailant we can determine which direction the GG should move. I know this is overly simplified and it is possible for people to force the issue if they want to go in a direction and they poses the ability (power, speed, timing, experience, or just pure will power). We are talking about a general learning process. Add to that the difference between an online movement and offline movement can be very small. A conceptual example goes like this. The BG strikes with a straight jab The GG rotates his body away from the jab while standing his ground. You can imagine what ever counter attack you would like to see the GG perform while rotating his body. Was that online or offline? The answer is simple. It was both.

With experience we learn there are ways to decide which way we move. That comes with experience and enough practice. This also depends on mood and mindset. I hope this helped to explain the online movement and the offline movement. Have a great day.

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