Mixed training routines with rest and explosion. LC strength and conditioning 5.

 Mixed training routines with rest and explosion. LC strength and conditioning 5.

I make it to Martin Rooney’s weekend seminars every time he comes to Copenhagen. The reasons for this are many. To start with he is a power house of positive energy, then we can start talking about all the knowledge he has and his ability to teach. Finally he walks the walk. As you can see in the video and on the YouTube channel, he works with fighters as well as other sports groups.

When I saw the video below I felt inspired to put this entry up. It made me think about my “stick- aerobics.” The name stick aerobics is a joke even though there is some truth to it. In the past, I have put things together like: box jumps, push ups, hitting sit-ups with hand weights, shadow boxing with hand weights, different bag work unarmed and with sticks. I have even used wt-dummies, side arm draws and weightlifting bars as heavy swords/staffs. The idea is simple, you work on explosive work and power or you work on the long haul. Even if you choose to train the long term burn you should be aware not to beat your self down to where you are training sloppy technique into your system. Remember that you are teaching your nervous system to perform an action again and again. If you teach your body to be tired and sloppy that what you will get. did you know that you can have chronically tired/fatigued nervous system?

Martin likes to build fighters up, you can see that in the video. One of the reasons I feel so inspired by him is the fact that MMA fighters and any other type of martial artist is expected to be a good athlete. That means power work, strength work, body weight work, and much more as well as being good at the art they choose. One way to achieve this is through exercises that are strength and power orientated and still closely related to the sport at hand. You can see some of the examples on the YouTube page TFWarriors1.

One of the reason I believe so much in balanced training is the changes I have experienced by looking at balanced training and do it … walking the walk! A good example is how a shoulder injury did not get better until I looked at the static strength in my shoulder as well as the mobility there.  Working with clients has become easier because of the widened view I have on what balanced is.

Any Hoo, enough about all that. Watch the video and use some rest based training to keep your power powerful, your speed quick and your focus on the end result. As you become better at the given skills you will be able to take shorter and shorter breaks and your power and speed will improve. If you are working on speed with a weapon and a tire then keep the speed up to a certain level at all times.

The last little tip is this: Try to put some actual fight related skills in with a mix of power/speed exercises. Have you ever done fig-8s with dumbbells?

Well do you feel inspired to start mixing things up? Here’s an idea for FMA.

Kung fu people have their wooden dummies and boxers have their speed bags and heavy bags. What do you do as a FMA person? Using training tools such as dummies, tires, heavy bags and so on can be a way to train aspects of self-defense/combative training.

The next question is why use the lifeless training partners? The answer is easy… Because your training partner can’t meet with you that day, you might want to work on some things ( point foot work or triggers possibly ?) without the added stress of a person hitting you in the head, maybe your partner doesn’t like getting hit with to much force, or you might even like to use it as warm up for strength and conditioning like I do. Another possibility when it comes to dummies etc can be speed drills. Using different weight sticks is a good way to work on speed as well.

I’ve seen different possibilities on the web and a few in person. I’ll mention a few and show some pictures which are links to videos.  As I have written before in other blog entries … the techniques and or ways of training are not something I support or not support. They are chosen only for the views of the training dummies / tools.

We will start with the first video which I have put up. It goes back to Stonewall-Shield.  Click Here or watch the video here on the blog.

That was straight forward and easy to understand. Wheels a metal frame and a tire can get you warmed up nicely if you use the require energy. The bag will also supply many possibilities for training alone if you pad your stick, don’t cut into it with real knives or use to much force with trainers.  The next video shows a possibility that someone put together with several tires. A few mods like some elastic cords connected to the bottom (connected to a weight) and some protective gloves could really be fun to work with. Heres the next video/picture link. Once again the personal trainer in me says, make sure you are using something heavy to avoid the vibrations going back to your joints.

In the next one you can see the traditional way with the tire bound to a tree /pole. One, two or three tires would also supply the possibility for more techniques to be trained. But that’s only if you want to, otherwise one is more than enough. Another idea could be to hang some more tires at several different angle around the tree. That would give you a chance to work on footwork etc.

The next version I would like to mention is the cutting pole. I’m still working on how to put one in the yard without the people next door going nuts. A simple pole in the ground supplies a hard object to cut into with real bladed weapons. It gives a little idea of what happens when a knife/etc gets stuck or bounces back in unexpected ways.

Last but not least a very simple version on a rope.

All this brings me to the subject of why do it again. You can work on speed and power and many other aspects of training, but you have to train with partners/classes to be able to defend your self or have a chance at defending yourself. I like to tell people to train with helmets from time to time in order to make sure you are still hitting to target with timing. This can get tricky when you only train with a dummy.

That’s it for now, Keep it real out there.

Be Proactive in Life and Training


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