How badly do you want it? Just do it in 2012!

Have you asked yourself how badly you want something lately? I hope you have. The new year is coming and there is the usual talk about new year resolutions everywhere you look on the web. I am not going to tell you you should do this or that or make this change or that change. You are a grown person after all. You know if something needs to be changed.

What I do want to make you think about is how badly you want something to happen. It could be fma goals, sports goals, family goals, or personal goals … how badly do you really want it? When I worked much more as a personal trainer, there were excuses for this and that. I could not get away from the tales that clients would tell me. When I start working with personal training again I will be much harder on people regarding nutrition. The body heals and builds itself at it’s own tempo. I’ll give them that, but baby steps regarding dropping bad habits and starting new good habits is not the way to go for most people. It’s too easy to slip back into the old habits. Seeing things in black and white can make changes easy in the beginning.

I’ll start with nutrition and compare it to FMA and other combative systems, but the subject could be anything you choose. So lets get started. I used to talk a lot about becoming better at eating well. I made excuses and I was backed by the conventional healthy eating model and all the peoiple around me who supported it. I tried to eat oatmeal in the morning like the “experts” said and I just felt like crap afterwards. I ate the bread, rye bread and whole wheat bread, and there was something in me that just said this is not the way for me. My boys joint pains and other ailments caused me to start to listen to the paleo side more and more. As I read more about nutrition and started to understand the effects of gluten on our body and mind I started to understand what was really going on with my joint pains, asthma, migraines, and more as well as what was happening to my boy.

I learned about the addictive nature of some foods and felt it as well. Somewhere along the line I decided to just do it. We threw out a lot of food, other foods like rise were kept for that once a week type of meal. There was a transition to a ketogenic based diet. I felt the effects as many do. It lasted two weeks for me. Some feel it for a few days and think … that was not that bad at all. We are all different, I had abused my body in major ways. By just doing it and stopping the baby steps the process was shortened. Thank God, I did that instead of dragging the process out for ages. I look at bread now and think sooo what! I see it in the same way I see a cheap hooker with aids. Easy and dangerous! I didn’t do that before, trust me. We dropped milk and skin problems went away. It worked! We now eat a balance amount of fat, carbs and protein. Veggies are in. I now look at people who have to eat every hour and a half as addicts. They are addicted to the carbs and they don’t even know it. Life is great when you burn fat and carbs for energy! We started to dial the carbs in according to what we did after a few months.

We had the courage to take the big steps and make changes. My whole family looks and feels differently now. My son is 9 and filled with energy, he doesn’t have the sugar crashes that go along with the conventional diet anymore. His joint pains are reduced greatly, no thanks to the doctors I might add. His skin rashes are gone to, the doctors said he didn’t have any real allergies. luckily my son looks up to me and I made a deal with him, I would learn to eat the veggie’s he likes and he had to try the ones I like. We just did it and we are thankful for it.

How does all this have anything to do with your new years resolution or your FMA training? That is easy, JUST DO IT FOLKS! People may look at you like you are crazy for not fitting into their little way of thinking or the norms they consider correct for you. Take it seriously and work hard at it, set your mind to it and you will see changes with time. It may be like dragging a mac truck to start with but you will get stronger. It will become easy and you will reap the rewards. You might even ask yourself if the people you know are supportive or are they dragging you down. Some thought isn’t it!

How about FMA? Are you an athlete if you are a FMA practitioner? I hope you answered …yes. Martin Rooney likes to talk about training MMA fighters like any other client he has. And he does it, there are differences after a while but the idea is to make the person an athlete and his football coach, MMA coach, or basketball ball coach takes over with the sports related training. FMA people should do the same if they truly have goals of being faster and stronger so their FMA techniques are much stronger and faster. Case in point: Doing agility work will make your nervous system work faster and when your feet and other parts of your body are faster your proactive and reactive techniques will be that much better. Decide on a project for the next month, be it speed or power or agility. Work at it and keep training FMA with your partner or your class.  Next month you can pick another subject. Have you ever trained figure-8 with weights? Maybe you should do shadow boxing with hand weights.

I started you with a video and I’ll leave you with a video. Take charge and make the difference, be it loving more or training harder in 2012. Heck you might even decide to change you eating habits. There are times for baby steps and there are times for giant steps. Think some more about the larger steps, you can do it. A true friend will support you and kick you in the ass if you start slacking.

I hope you and yours have a safe transition into 2012 and we wish you the best in the new year.

Be Proactive in Life and Training.


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