Medford Knife and Tool

Medford Knife and Tool

Drinking coffee is good for this blog. I get to relax and look around the web. The blog gets some subjects out of my lazy coffee drinking habits. It turns out it went well with the last videos about knife making. Add to that, the fact that we support the professionals who do the hard jobs many people will not do. Medford knives are made with a purpose much like the Grayman knives from an earlier post.

You’ll find that many knives are made with looks in mind, rather than function in mind. The Medfords and Graymans are made with the intention of heavy use. The knife I would order would be the TS-1 or TS-2. Living in DK doesn’t give me the chance to go hunting like I did in the states, so the knives will have to stay on the wish list for now.

Any hoo, if you are a hunter, military or some other professional, check out the website. You’ll like it! Heres a video playlist with descriptions of many of their knives.

Be Proactive in Life and Training


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