Journey to a Master Video Series with Kyle Royer Knives

Journey to a Master Video Series with Kyle Royer Knives

I hope ya’ll are doing well. The sun has been shining a lot lately. That just peps us Texans up, Denmark can be a dark place at times!

I thought it would be cool for the craftsmen, nerds, and quality conscious people to see this knife making series. It’s from Kyle Royer Knives. It shows Kyle Royer prepping for the masters knife making test. It’s a great quality video.

I have to take my hat of to the man. I have been through the process a number of times; as a cobbler, an orthopedic shoemaker and with a number of escrima tests ranging from tournament planning and direction to seminars and so on. He keeps his head cool and concentrates on the job at hand the whole time. A little mistake early on can be seen in the final product. It’s hard to believe that you can proud of a bent knife, trust me you can.

There are 5 parts to the series. It’s a cool mix of old and new in knife making. The number of layers in the knives is just crazy. You gotta love it. Any Hoo.. Enjoy!

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