Demonstration of Ginastica Animal with Malte Frid-Nielsen

I hope ya’ll are doing well. I ran across this video with Malte the other day. I just had to post it. Malte was my BJJ instructor when I took private lessons. To start with he is just smart and very pleasant to be around. On top of that, he is a very capable BJJ instructor. He could adapt training to suit my needs and interest regarding the company goals we had set. I could go on but this post would be too long. Many of the BJJ warm-up drills he used sometimes inspired me to use BJJ warm-ups as a part of a kettlebell class I taught. When I stopped teaching at the center in town he kept up his interest for the many Ginastica drills and other aspects of training. His seeking of more knowledge took him to South America to learn. Knowing Malte, this video is just a start of some of the stuff he came back with.

Any hoo! Enjoy the video, you can see his acting skills show themselves as well as his knowledge of Ginastica.

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