Meet your maker. Ken Onion

Meet your maker. Ken Onion

I hope ya’ll are doing well. I was taking a coffee break from working on the club bylaws etc. while watching this video. A lot of thoughts springs to mind regarding the Idea of the Craftsman’s Corner for the LC, FMA blog. It’s no secret that I like working with my hands. I made a leather rose for my wife for example ( see here ). I remember making the handles for my shoemaking tools as well as other tools when I was doing that. Design, pride in what we make and almost a form of meditation are just some of what we experience when working with our hands. I also remember making the process of making 2  hand & half wooden swords for my son and I. He put a lot of the work in on his. We shared something that day. On the other side of the coin, it becomes easy to put value on something made in the same way. In short there are many aspects of the design / making process that we can benefit from. My son thinks of the time we shared when he uses an axe that we worked on for him and his boy scout trips. We found and old axe head, cleaned it up and shaped a handle to fit his hands and arm length.

Many people talk about the martial arts and the road to finding yourself. There are other ways such as creating designs and that feeling something gives you when you hold it, or just look at it. I feel that way regarding balance in my life. Training and teaching LC Escrima is positive and creative, but I still need the more creative side of my old brain to focus on pure creation of objects,designs and so on. You could say it completes who I am. It’s my belief that most people have the same need.

I could ramble on about this kind of thing for ever. I could post many videos on creating tools, wood working projects, furniture design, hand crafted leather products and more. This blog is based on FMA. So we’ll stick with this video. I like what the knife maker / designer Ken Onion had to say. It’s worth watching / listening to.

 Ya’ll have a great day, Stay Proactive