Training update. May 7,2017

Training update. May 7,2017

I hope ya’ll are doing well. It’s time for a training update for the next few months.

There will be unofficial training without (possibly with instructor) during wks 29,30,31. It will be up to the members to write /talk with each other to work out the days and times at this time. I will be sending out text messages if I will be there.

If you know you will on a longer trip contact up to let us know. If you are not coming to training for a month or so, it makes it easier to plan training. I will be supplying basic training programs for the 3 wks mentioned above. The programs will be based on who will be there. Get off your duffs people and send the information. I put more time into this than you think.

2 stick vs 1 stick, high-high-low drill

Outdoor training has started. We are outside when the weather permits. When it’s even warmer we’ll be at the beach again. Look forward to that and Saturday training as well.

GM Rene is out and about as always. Go to his website to see where he will be in Europe.

Stay Proactive in Life and Training


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