Training theme for August 2016 and more. Latosa Concepts, FMA and Danish FMA Club.

Training theme for August 2016 and more. Latosa Concepts, FMA and Danish FMA Club.

Latosa Concepts logo red backgroundWe are back at it folks! Training with the old fart, aka the trainer, will be up and running on Monday, Aug 8-2016. 16:45. As club members know we follow a general theme for periods of time. The first theme will be strike pad training. Yes, you will need your water bottle with you.:)

I’ll post a video or two below to show possible strike pad training during the upcoming month. It may sound harsh to start with strike pad training out of the gates, but life is not always easy. ¬†I’ve have been staying at summer vacation sites here in DK for the last 3 wks. I started the days with conditioning for LC Escrima and general martial arts/combative training. I hope all the members have been doing the same. ūüėČ

Remember to have dark colored shorts / training pants and club t-shirts. As always dansk FMA og selvforsvars grupperemember to send a text, if you can’t make it to training or you are going to be late. We would rather see members come to training for the last hr. If you can’t make it from the very beginning of class start.¬†Some people have already told me they will be starting up mid-month because of work etc. Get some basic training in so you don’t start up cold guys. ūüôā An example could be heavy bag training with strength training stations after. See the last post here on the blog. ¬†It’s a good example.

See the first strike pad drill.

A little inspiration for the men who are not starting up on Monday.

That’s it for now.

Stay Proactive in life and Training.



Latosa Concepts, FMA summer vacation strength and conditioning

Latosa Concepts, FMA summer vacation strength and conditioning

I hope ya’ll are doing well. it’s time for some more inspiration for your strength and conditioning during the summer vacation or just any other day.

My family rents a summer house every summer. We just returned home after some time away. With my day job being as physically tough on my 51 yr old body, my vacation was a time for me to focus on my self every morning. This is a description of what I did after my coffee. I hope it inspires you to get off the sofa ! I did a type of station training, repeating the stations.

  1. Coffee and sitting in the yard watching the sun come up!Latosa Concepts, FMA summer vacation conditioning 1
  2. Get the rope out and find a good tree to hang from
  3. Grab your Escrima tools, (Mine were: 2 sticks, 3 knives, and a hatchet that I made a ergonomic handle for)
  4. Start doing right handed and left handed fig-8, high-high-low, and many other patterns.
  5. Do a few sit-ups, push ups, back ext., squats and more to warm up.
  6. Now you can do free forming  or just strike pattern training with your weapon combo. Change every time you come back to it,
  7. Do one type of frontal sit-ups, then side/lateral core muscle training, then back extension Latosa Concepts, FMA summer vacation conditioning 3of your desire.
  8. Do 2 types of push-ups every time you you start them.
  9. Do some lung training. Jumping from side to side. (see pictures)
  10. Do some pull and back shoulder training. (see picture)
  11. Repeat, repeat, repeat,repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat all stations!
  12. Do some stretching
  13. Eat some breakfast, read a book or just hang out.Latosa Concepts, FMA summer vacation conditioning 2
  14. The rest of the day should be used on your family.

Note!, the core training changed every time I did it, if you are looking for ideas, there are gobs of ideas on YouTube. The same for the push ups. There are many forms. Because you are doing this program every day, you should leave a little gas in the tank when doing the exercises. An example would be making sure you can do one or two more push-up etc. Then you stop and move on to the next exercise.

Latosa Concepts logo red backgroundI have done the same at the fitness center. The sticks were replaced with heavy bag work. Some exercises were, walking lunges, step ups, asymmetric squats, wrestlers press, pull ups and more. Today, I did bag work, deadlifts and twisting bend over rows and then core training. Tomorrow I will do pushing/squatting/lunge exercises with more core training and bag work.

Enjoy folks! Talk at you later.

Stay Proactive in life and Training


The before Christmas gathering and din din!

Picture 11It’s time for the old farts to sit down and eat some food together! You can see more at the new club website here. If you have not answered get your butt moving!

There is a list of who is coming with what. I am looking forward to sitting down and eating some good food with the guys once again. Regarding the Zombie melon bash, we’ll see what the weather is like. Be ready to go buy a bunch of fruit, veg and other things that explode when hit. I’ll let you know in a few day mens.

Boys Have to be Boys after all!



More training information and another blog to come. Latosa Concepts Escrima Blog

Practical fitness tr√¶ning med C Williamson logoI hope ya’ll are doing well. The sun is out and the mac is in the shade while this Texan is in the sun shine. I’m a happy man. ūüėČ This is going to be a little update of whats going to happen in the future, here on the LC Escrima Blog and else where.

To start with the LC Escrima Blog is a third child for me. It is a never ending project. Look forward to more thoughts and information about FMA and many other other subjects from myself. I have also contacted some Latosa Escrima instructors in the states and else where to have them write a piece or two for the blog. MA’s blog on clubbells was a kind of kick off for the guest writer series.

One of the Swedish guys I used to train with has been getting machete made for him by a local blacksmith. It’s looking good so It may be a possibility for a blog entry in the future. I will be looking for some old escrima training pictures/video to put up as well. I might as well use the extra time that I have ( while writing job applications ) to put some content up on the LC, FMA Blog. ¬†Sorry about the lack of terminology posts lately, those are on my list as well. I’ve been toying with a few ideas for a post or two.

I’ll will continue to post some of GM Rene’s seminars and more in the FB group, LC Escrima. I hope to start traveling again. I am looking forward to training with the man himself once again. The shoulder is doing better and better. I am getting more and more escrima training in on a weekly basis, we’ll see if I can muster the old short power without messing with the shoulder as time goes by.

hardCore tr√¶ning med Chris WilliamsonOn that note, I am working on a deal in which I’ll be teaching some hardCORE¬†style classes for some private groups here in Denmark. As a part of the information for that job, there will be a new site for information having to do with personal training and functional training. The idea behind the site is to showcase some of the possibilities regarding training for individuals and groups. This could be ice skating clubs, athletic clubs, companies and other groups. The wages agreements will be styled to work with the difficult social system here in Denmark. I don’t want trouble with the tax people or the social system! You can give me a call or contact me via the contact page, so we can work out an arrangement which keeps the system happy and you happy.

Some of the training options will be:

  • Personal training
  • Kettlebell training
  • Sandbag training
  • Other function training forms such as rings, trx and more
  • Speed and agility training
  • Lifestyle and nutritional information
  • A mix of all the above.

I’ll be digging around in the old files from when I had my company, to find some old pictures and videos to better help show examples of the training forms on offer. All this is happening while, I am still looking for a normal job…. so, the information will be put up as I find it.

That’s it for now. I hope ya’ll have a great Sunday.

Stay Proactive in Life and Training




Clubbell training for escrimadors. LC, FMA conditioning.

Clubbell training for escrimadors. LC, FMA conditioning.

I hope ya’ll are doing well. The sun is supposed to come out today and that makes a Texan in DK happy. In this blog post there is some inspiration for what you might want to do in the sun shine today…. some strength and conditioning. That is, if you are not going to train escrima!

M. A. was / is my training partner. Before he moved to Jylland / Jutland, we trained LC Escrima together along with a bunch of other things like “Training for Warrior” programs, “hardCore” kettlebell and sandbag programs, as well as normal weight lifting. He has broaden his experience with clubbell now. Inspired by the earlier post on clubbell training below, Morten put this together. It’s in Danish so you will have to use the google translate function if your Danish is not up to scratch.

Ya’ll enjoy the post and have a great day.

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For os, der træner med våben giver det god mening at træningsredskabet i sig selv er et våben. Jeg har selv trænet intensivt med Clubbells i mere end et år. Det har været relativt nemt for mig at gå til, da det er en fantastisk blanding af escrima og kettlebells (læs gå til Рikke mestre:-). Jeg startede med en 4 kg’s og en 10’er. Nu er jeg den lykkelige ejer af 2 4’ere, en 6’er og en 15’er. 4 kg er formidabelt at have med overalt. 15’eren genererer/kræver kraft, på et helt vanvittigt niveau

Clubbells ryger ofte i samme kategori som kettlebells. Et godt stykke af vejen med rette. De er begge balistiske træningsredskaber og en clubbell er i bund og grund en kettlebell, formet som et baseballbat.

Historisk er der ingen tvivl om, at clubbells kan f√łres l√¶ngst tilbage. L√¶ngere tilbage end de fleste tr√¶ningsredskaber overhovedet. K√łllen er et af de √¶ldste, hvis ikke d√©t √¶ldste, anvendte v√•ben. Og tr√¶ning til kamp er p√• samme vis en af de √¶ldste grunde til, at folk har tr√¶net.

Clubbells har de samme fordele som Kettlebells Рplus lidt ekstra. Som skrevet ovenfor er en clubbell i sig selv et våben. En 4-kg’s er et rigtig godt våben. En 15’er, et ret upraktisk men meget! Hårdtslående og tungtfaldende våben.

Sammenlignet med KB udfordrer Clubbells grebsstyrken p√• en anden m√•de. KB ligger i vores ‚Äúkrog‚ÄĚ og vi kan derfor holde godt fast med griberefleks og struktur, hvorimod Clubbells pr√łver at vride sig ud af vores greb – bortset fra n√•r de st√•r stille i luften i lodret position. Det kan man overkomme p√• to m√•der. Holde h√•rdere fast – hvilket igen √łger grebsstyrken, eller ved at holde Club‚Äôen i bev√¶gelse. Heri ligger Clubbells st√łrste force. Muligheden for at man√łvrere dem i alle tre dimensioner. Generere kraft i en retning, bevare kraften og redirigere kraft. Pr√¶cis som med et v√•ben!

Man kan ikke umiddelbart sammenligne v√¶gten, da en clubbells tyngdepunkt ikke bare er placeret l√¶ngere v√¶k fra grebet, men ogs√• vinkelret p√• dette. Man kan derfor f√• en fantastisk effektiv workout med blot en 4 kg‚Äôs clubbell. P√• samme vis indenfor clubbells er en 8 kg‚Äôs ikke kun dobbelt s√• tung/h√•rd som en 4‚Äôer, da den ogs√• er l√¶ngere er den snarere 3-4 gange s√• kr√¶vende at man√łvrere.

Clubbells giver med andre ord mulighed for en krævende og udfordrende helkrops Рmuskelkædekrævende Р 3-dimensionel Рkoordinationsfremmende træning. Med et redskab, der kan tages med overalt.

Clubbells bliver anvendt på mange forskellige måder og til mange forskellige formål. Fra Indian club træning med (ofte 2) lettere (ofte træ) og til tung tohånds-Clubbell træning med fx. 15 kg.

Herhjemme er de prim√¶rt anvendt i genoptr√¶ning. Skulder is√¶r. Det er synd. De er nemlig fantastiske som ‚Äútr√¶ningscenter‚ÄĚ. En club og du er k√łrende til det hele. √Čn tung. Fint, de fleste √łvelser bliver med to h√¶nder. √Čn let, ogs√• fint, enh√•nds

  • Clubbells kan bruges til stort set alle Kettlebell√łvelser.
  • Clubbells only √łvelser – hvor en KB ville v√¶re malplaceret.
  • V√•benefterlignings√łvelser fx. deadstart. Slag. Fig-8
  • Anvendt som v√•ben. T√¶nk: hvordan ville jeg bruge denne Clubbell som v√•ben.
  • Eksempel p√• v√•benspecifikke √łvelser. En clubbell.

Fig 8, to h√•nds og skift. Figuren bliver selvf√łlgelig st√łrre end, hvis man bruger en rattanstav. Dirigeringen bliver sv√¶rere, men det giver en fantastisk forst√•else og mulighed for kraftgenerering i ‚Äúrigtig‚ÄĚ escrima. Almindelig, opadg√•ende og meget flad fig. 8. For at g√łre det s√• overf√łrbart som muligt, s√• kan man lege med at sl√• efter et imagin√¶rt target og s√¶tte en ekstra tand kraft i slaget mod m√•let.

Deadstart. Hvil Club‚Äôen p√• skulderen. L√¶g samme h√•nd l√łst omkring h√•ndtaget. Eksploder et nedadg√•ende slag. End med Cluben lodret. Dette er en fantastisk √łvelse til at t√¶nde vores muskler fra afslappet – og l√¶re de antagonistiske muskler at slappe af under et slag.

Start m. Club’en lodret (holdes lodret hele vejen). Shortpunch uden at dreje hånden.

Inspiration på youtube: Scott Sonnon, der bryster sig af at have introduceret Clubbellen i vesten. Shane Heins, en af Sonnons elever, der IMO har lavet bedre programmer Рog langt langt mere seværdige videoer. De er faktisk værd at se alene for hans ansigtsmimik.

Indian clubs, clubbells and Escrima. Latosa Concepts Escrima

Indian Clubs , clubbells and Escrima. Latosa Concepts FMA

The title of this blog entry says it all. I think more fma’ers should be doing indian club and ¬†clubbell training and the like. One reason is mobility and another is flow and coordination. And let’s not forget the stability and strength aspect of it, when we start working with heavier weights. This also gets into the mace ball you see in the second video. As I have written before on how we need to do physical fitness training to counter the extreme volume, we build up in some movement patterns. An overload of volume in a few movement patterns can easily be a recipe for injuries.

looking at the flow shown in the indian club video, it’s easy to to how we can build up more coordination and fluid movements. Getting back to balance, hard and strong movements need to be balanced with fluid movements to counter the extreme volume that can be built up. There’s the aspect of working with fluid movements as well. We’ll save that for another day.

For the nerdy people there are subjects like the nexus of strength and range of motion we could get into. This subject is something for the long-term projects.

I have started to add more functional training in small portions. My shoulder is holding and still getting better. The natural progression will be to try more mobility based drills with light weights. I can imagine there are a lot of you who need the same. If you are in the same boat as me (collar bone injury) take it slowly. I have some wood picked out to make some indian clubs from. Getting back to the kid looking into the candy store. There’s nothing like making tools and then using them.

Any Hoo! I hope ya’ll enjoy. You gotta love the music in the first video as well. The second is well worth the time also.

Stay Proactive in Life and Training



Sternoclavicular joint injuries and rehab training.

Sternoclavicular joint injuries and rehabilitaion training.

Screen shot 2014-03-15 at 9.45.44 AMI hope ya’ll are doing well. The subject for this post entry is going to be injury rehabilitation for a sternoclavicular¬†joint injury. It’s been a while since I posted something and this subject seemed appr. considering, I have been out of action for a while. It’s called the sternoclavicular joint. It’s one of those injuries only a few doctors see. Add to that the mentality that the doctors have here in DK and you better start looking into things on your own ( personal experience! ). Looking at what I can do today and how bad it was after the accident I feel very lucky. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

Before we get too far into it. This entry is based on what I went through / am going through with my sc-joint injury. Find a good therapist to help you with your needs if you are in my shoes. Many are just not good enough. ūüė¶ look at this post as food for thought and do some real research into the complications, variations of the injury, treatments, and rehabilitation tactics. In my case, they said give it time. The problem was that there were joints in the general area that were out of alignment which made healing up a problem. An example is how the 1 rib being out puts pressure on the sc joint. now think of a t-spine joint, a c-spine joint and three ribs out of place along with the sc-joint injury. We are getting into osteopathy and chiropractics here.¬†Imagine a doctor letting a bone heal up without making sure it is straight. That’s what I was facing.

I could do a lot of complaining about the way we are looked at as a number and so on but I’ll just throw a few pointed remarks in as part of this blog entry. Getting back to how many people have seen this injury, you’ll need to do some research if you are so unlucky to abuse your body like I have. It’s well worth the time when talking with the doctors. I learned that several were not prepared and just said ” give it time.” To be honest there are a few angry doctors because I would not accept that. I wanted scans and more. Ultra sound scan, MR scan and more to see what was wrong. The doctors did not understand that I knew something was wrong based on the way it felt. Most people don’t have great control of their bodies and that makes it easy to just say “give it time,” it’s your imagination.

To start with you’ll have to just be real careful with your arm and shoulder for a long time. Tendons and joints tissue heal a lot slower than muscle. So if you are like me, no more super man for longer than you will like. When your arm is ok to move you’ll need to keep it mobile without putting a strain on the joint. Remember that the arm hangs from this joint if we are talking about the skeletal system. That means everything pulls on that very sore unstable joint. Good luck with using your arm without hurting the sc-joint from time time to time.

Getting back to the mobility issue, there is something called atrophy. That’s one reason old folks can’t get their arm over their head. Muscles shorten and become smaller and weaker while joint become stiff. Be real careful with your arm/shoulder so this doesn’t happen to you. In order to take the burden off the stiff shoulder joints you will end up with it’s worth the energy to work on t-spine mobility. Here’s one version of t-spine mobility. We are meant to have a mobile thoracic section of the spine. We lose that, way too often, because of our modern lifestyle. That can be a subject for another day. The physical therapist I go to works with the joint alignment as well as nerve issues. I am very happy that I found a good physical therapist. You can find him here. Ask for Niklas. I was and am still very thankful for his knowledge of how the body works. In my case several joints needed to be set straight because it was more than just the sc-joint that went out.

Once you are ready to train, the fun starts. I started with 1 kg hand weights. Just think I went from jerking 150 kgs. around to lifting 1 kg weights. Watch your ego if you want to get back to what you were doing. The weights will get heavier with time. You need to remember that the joint strength improves¬†MUCH slower than muscle strength. It’s a baby step affaire from this point on. I can say That I am well past the baby weights with the current program. Not rushing is the reason.

I started with static/ isometric strength. I had to learn to use back and shoulder muscle to stabilize my arm before being able to push and pull. When doing lunges my arms hanged at my side. A lot of energy went into holding the arm in with the back and shoulder muscles. Most modern people don’t have the isometric strength, that they should, just like shoulder, t-spine and hip mobility. Once again … another post and another time. The shoulder program I did and still do grew/is growing. It’s an issue of not putting too mush strain on the joint. Front raises, lateral raises and reverse fly’s are but some of the exercises. I don’t push it to the limit to avoid making the joint too weak. That means a superset of one shoulder exercise after another. At the moment I am doing 6 exercises in the superset. ¬†I started with 1 exercise. My shoulder are tired when I’m finished but I avoid feeling pain in the joint. Push until you have pain in the joint, and you will be knocked back a few weeks like I was after forgetting the baby steps. If I had to put a number on it, I am doing a 15-20 rm weight no more than 10 reps before going to the next in the superset.

Having the nerdy background in personal training, kettlebell training and other functional training as well as martial arts means that I have a good list of exercises in my head. The logical pushing exercise was and is the floor press. The shoulder is not pushed to an extreme like laying on a bench. ¬†You’ll need to pack the shoulder blades in and down for stability in most of the exercises you do. The floor stops the backwards movement of the arm at a safe angle. I started with baby weight so I could work on stability and proprioception. My advice is to not take this for granted. Many people have very poor proprioception. Commonly called balance in many cases, that’s an incorrect use of the word balance.

The other half of this superset is a bend-over-row. Once again baby weights and isometric focus for the shoulder. With time you can let your shoulder drop towards the floor a little and pull it back into place as part of the exercise. As always, when stability is gone… DON’T PUSH IT. ¬†Stop there for the day. My natural progression was to rotate my body with the light weights while working on holding my arm in place with tension in the shoulder and back muscles. Once again … baby steps!¬†In the beginning I noticed how my arm just was not attacked to my chest plate like it should be if I was not careful.This version of the bend over row has helped greatly. Look at this experience as a reboot of the system in which you are going to have to learn to use your body in new ways.

My advise is to work on some extra core strength while you have the time. I do legs one day and body and shoulders the next with a thirds day’s break to heal up. On the leg days, my lunges and so on are controlled by the static shoulder strength/stability that I have for that exercise. When there is no stability , I stop right there! You can alway use a machine to lift more with your legs. Saying that really hurt ūüė¶ The next day I’ll do my shoulder superset and floor press/ BOR superset. I end both days with a lat-pull based on stability not lat. muscle strength. We are talking baby steps again. I hope to start working again soon. I can feel this exercise helping a lot and am looking forward to heavier weights. It’s all about controlling every second of the lat-pull. That means reprogramming the other muscles to hold and not just let go. It can be done simply by taking it slow and teaching your body to do it. Overhead press is the next frontier so to speak. This movemnet pattern will take a little while to build up. We all need a project, the overhead press will be mine.

If you are like me, it’s pure heaven to do frontal and lateral t-spine mobility while using the lat-pull machine. You will get the joint decompression that makes you smile. It can be weird in the beginning, because you are holding tension in some muscle to avoid stressing the sc-joint, while trying to relax and do mobility drills for other parts of your back/body. Forget the rotational stuff if you are like me.

A final note could be about escrima training. I have started training escrima a little bit and I am still testing what I can and can not do. I will not be swinging big heavy axe handles around for a while. I’ll be using light rattan sticks. Short power strikes are also out for a while to come. The “reboot” or reprogramming my body to hold the shoulder stable will effect my training for a while to come as well as the short power techniques used when that time comes. Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks … when they have to. ūüėČ

We have to look at the dynamic stresses we put on our bodies when doing fma. Knowing my body like I do, will get me up and running so most people would say that I don’t show signs but there will be limitations and a rebooting of the system. Things will have to be changed. New ways of developing power are just some of them. I am looking forward to escrima training. I feel like a kid looking through the window of a candy store. The challenge will continue to be baby steps.

My advice to anyone with the same injury is to do the same. Make sure the rest of your body works like it should to take the stress off the sc-joint. And most importantly do the research. All doctors, therapist and personal trainers are not equal. If you live in the Copenhagen area and you need a good physical therapist contact Niklas at Niv√• Fysioterapi. The other therapist there are very good as well. Don’t be afraid to piss some doctors off. I was just a number and I am where I am in my rehab because I will not be a number. As in all things in life, take charge and responsibility for your life.

Stay Proactive in Life and Training


John Kiefer video: Carb backloading, insulin hacking and more with Abel James show

John Kiefer video: Carb backloading, insulin hacking and more with Abel James show

Yet another cool podcast/video from the Abel James podcast The Fat Burning Man. It’s no secret that we eat Paleo’ish. The Latosa Concepts FMA Blog is not a nutrition blog but nutrition and training are part of the knowledge a person should know about when they become an instructor ( At least in my book! ). ¬†Ergo this post and the one that are related. Who knows maybe there will be a physical fitness and conditioning post soon. I am in the process of training my shoulder up so it may not be too long. Just don’t expect to see me yanking 150 kg around like I did before the accident.

Any Hoo! back to the subject. Carb Backloading is a way of limiting the carb intake to specific times of the day. We use clean (paleo’ish) carbs. Some people eat their proverbial cake. We are sticking with the gluten free stuff. There are a lot of good reasons to to this, but I’ll let the man himself tell you about in the video. John Kiefer is a cool mix of a chemistry nerd and trainer who knows what he’s talking about. The Carb Backloading program works well for many people. Enjoy the Video.


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One Arm MMA Fighter. Motivational Video.

One Arm MMA Fighter. Motivational Video.

This post¬†is going to be fast and easy. It’s the beginning of 2014 and we all need a kick in the butt. If the man, Nick Newell, in the video can do it, we all can do it. What ever it is. Be smart, but don’t make excuses when something can be done to reach your goals.

I’m really looking forward to great things happening in 2014. My shoulder/collar bone joint is getting better and I hope to be working in a month or two. I’m looking forward to a bunch of escrima training to catch up after such along break. Are you getting off your ass?

Stay Proactive n Life and Training

C Williamson

Kelly McGonigal: Controlling our Willpower

Kelly McGonigal: Controlling our Willpower

It’s time we look at what happens inside the human head / heart and body because of mental perspective. Stress is one of the largest factors when looking at intestinal permeability (example from nutrition). We ancestral eaters like to talk about gluten and so on. But going ancestral is called a lifestyle change because it’s about everything. We try to incorporate mental ideas and perspectives into the Latosa Concepts Blog posts. The video below with Kelly McGonigal is yet another one of these posts. “it’s all how you look at it,”… How many people have heard those wise words. (when used in the correct situation !!! ). Watch /listen to the video and start to really think about how you act / react to stress and other things in your life.

Heck it could be a self-defense situation you have to learn to see in a slightly different way in order to best cope with it.  Watching the people around me go through many situation that professionals have to live and cope with has helped to enforce the importance of this simple truth. Enjoy the TED video.

Stay Proactive!