LC Links

In this section you can find links to the Latosa Concepts links/network of friends and other professionals that we recommend you have a look at.



_____________________________________________________________ link to Latosa Escrima

Latosa Escrima. GM Rene Latosa. link to Seattle Escrima Club

Seattle Escrima Club.


New York Self-Defense.


Copenhagen Combatives

Latosa Concepts link to Copenhagen medieval fighting to Copenhagen medieval fighting club.

LC Escrima link to long shadow martial arts

Long Shadow Martial arts





LC escrima link to

Massage & personal training in Hvidovre, Danmark


Charitable Organizations


Link til dansk folkehjælp

Link to Dansk Folkehjælp website.

Link to Children of Fallen Soldiers relief fund

Click here for Children of Fallen Soldiers Fund. link to concerns of police survivors

Click her for C.O.P.S.

LC Escrima link to wounded warriors projectlink to wounded warriors project


Nutrition and More

link to eat wild


Link to


LC escrima link to Paleo doctors networklink to Paleo doctors network.

LC escrima link to

Link to

Farm to consumer flegal fund

Link to farm to consumer legal fund.


Other Martial Arts Links

These are some links that might help or may not. It depends on what you are looking for and where you are in the world. The list is a mix of members in a discussion group I am in.

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