Happy New year from Latosa Concepts and DK FMA club

Latosa Concepts logo red background2016 is right at our door step and We just wanted to send a greeting out from the two clubs here in Denmark. 2015 has given us more members new training facilities and much more. Just the other day I spontaneously tested a student for the grade he was training for.

Well done Aden. The grade is well deserved. I’m looking forward to at least 2 other students testing for their grades in the next 2 months. N. for the 5 and A.N. for the 3rd., the grade test will continue to be spontaneous.

M.A.’s group in Jutland / Jylland has continued to grow and our Copenhagen club has a new member as well. All this, despite all the extra shifts our student are forced to work. Anti terror work is a bitch.

New members of the Copenhagen Club, DK FMA and Self-defense Group, can train free the first month.

That’s it for now.  Stay safe and have a great New Year in 2016.

Stay Proactive in Life and Training


DK FMA Before Christmas Gathering. November 2015

DK FMA Before Christmas Gathering.  November 2015

I hope ya’ll are doing well. We have a little club update/ message for you.Dansk FMA go selvforsvars gruppen

The Before Christmas Gathering is set for the 14 th. of November 2015.

As always there is a problem here in DK when planning a christmas gathering in December. There are always clashes with work parties and friends & family gatherings. Our solution this year, is to once again plan the gathering in November.

As always it’s:

  • BYOB,
  • Bring a dish… ( we’ll make a plan so we have all the bases covered.
  •  Bring your better half, so we don’t get locked into a bunch of boring training conversations.
  • Former members of the group are welcome. It’s always good to hear what ya’ll are up to.
  • Ca. time at 17:00
  • Place: My place.
  • Final date for answering is 31-10-2015 by email. danishFMA@gmail.com

Regarding the food. Who is going to have the following dishes?

  • bread, crackers and cheese
  • Meat dish, 1 …. CW & Jeanette
  • Meat dish 2
  • salad / veg 1
  • salad / veg 2
  • Dessert 1
  • Dessert 2
  • Other

We’ll have a SHORT Board meeting just before the gathering. Board members are asked to come 30 min early just for good measure.