Latosa Concepts outdoor weekend training has started.

Latosa Concepts outdoor weekend training for 2016 has started.

I hope ya’ll are doing well. LC Escrima  Copenhagen / DK FMA outdoor training has started Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 13.11.27once again.  There were 4  brave souls (+ myself) last time and the weather is getting better now. We had a slight snow fall last week but we are escrimadors so we kept on training. If the weather holds we’ll be meeting at one of our usual place for outdoor training. Charlottenlund Fort is on the beach in Hellerup just outside of Copenhagen. We’ll cross our fingers that the weather predictions hold so we can meet there and do some training by the water. I’ll send the usual text out around Wednesday. Your “YES” is binding. My stitches will be out so I’m looking forward to swinging a stick, knife or what ever is planned for the day.

Place: CharlottenLund Fort

Time: 10:30-12:00

Day: Saturday, May 7 2016

You need to have: clothing for outdoor training, water bottle, gloves  and trainingUdendørs escrima træning på Charlottenlund Fort, Dansk FMA og Selvforsvar gruppen equipment.

I’ll have: The bag from the club box and a program ready

A “YES I’ll be there” IS BINDING

Google map link:,12.5863205,17.96z

There is a large grassy area beside the fort. That’s where we meet.

I just got back from the beach where my wife and I enjoyed a coffee and a blanket on the ground. If the weather is as good as predicted I might have my lunch with me.

See you there men.

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What’s up? Another blog for operators, a video and some other subjects.

What’s up? Another blog for operators, a video and some other subjects. Latosa Concepts FMA.

I hope ya’ll are doing well. As the title explains, this will be a mixed subject blog post. I’ve been on my back with a bug the last few days. I’m just glad that we went ancestral with our nutrition / life style. The flu would have had me down much longer before the switch.

To start with there is a video at the end of the post, that I listened to while drinking coffee and waking up. It’s worth a listen.

LC, FMA link to Operators Lab blogThe next subject is a blog for pro LEO and other professionals. People like my self who teach / work with pro’s will like it as well. . Both MA and I know the person responsible for the blog. He is a pro, so you will be in good hands over there. Good luck.

Well just stick with the pro subject for this next section. I used to post many more pro related blog posts when I had the company. There were subjects like lights, emergency knives and so on. In short tools of the trade.

I was given a LAIX B2 tac. pen as a gift. Thanks to the person by the way. I like it a lot. If you are hard on a pen then you might like to have one of these. It has always been my opinion that pro’s like cops, security of all sorts and any other emergency responder should have glass breakers and strap cutters with them. The trick is to get everything combined so the person doesn’t have to carry a tool box! The B2 that I have is a plus in that it’s a pen, self-defense tool and glass breaker all in one. You can see an in depth review of it here. . Just think if Jason Borne had a tactical pen when he stabbed the dab guy with a pen. The FMA nerds will get that one.  😉

I was also given a legal knife for carry in Denmark on my birthday. As I have written before my son and I are out in nature together from time to time. Boy scout stuff and the like. The

LAIX B2 and Lansky world knifeknife I was given is a lanky world legal version. Here in Denmark, the blade has to be under a certain length, demand 2 hands to open and not lock in the open position. That’s enough to really mess with a Texan who grew up with a buck in the back pocket. Getting back to the knife, I can have it with me when we are going on a outing and live up to the law even though we are not at a camp site or what ever it might be. The cool thing about the knife is the blade width. The blade is not that great but it will do. I would recommend that you get your file, diamond rod and stone out to change the angle on the cutting edge. It has a butt end that could work as a glass breaker in a pinch.

When doing security work, I used to have a leatherman on my belt. It ( the lanky) is not a good multi tool but it is what is, a way to be some what prepared for what ever with out the cops taking your leatherman because the blade is 5 mm too long. Add to that, the hassle, fines and possible time for having a TOOL on you.

I feel safe knowing I have a metal pen with a glass breaker, so I could do just that or what ever it might have to be used for. The knife is there, if you want a knife and a normal pen. Please note that the normal pen might be more dangerous as a defense tool when the end breaks.

Do I think that pro’s should have a dedicated strap cutter for seat belts and car accidents at all times? The answer is YES and I think that the agency, be it fire, police, military or security, should supply it. There are better solutions for this purpose. Please note that there are always some small needs for a knife. For us poor citizens who want to be some what prepared. The combo could be a way to go. Alone or together, you are better off with the the tools on your person. I can’t even start to count the number of time that I used the leatherman in security situations, when I needed a tool of some type.

Finally, and far from least…. thanks men for a cool training session and meeting the other day. The meeting showed me once again that we have a well balanced group of friends who share the FMA bug. Our Club ( forening ) is in good hands.  I’ll be ready for the next training session now that the flu bug has released it’s grip on me.

We’ll be working on the Danish FMA and self-Defense group website again soon. There is information about our club etc at the site …

Enjoy the video regarding strength training and rest!

Stay Proactive in Life and Training


Heroes and mentors and the lessons we learn. Latosa Concepts, FMA

Heroes and mentors and the lessons we learn. Latosa Concepts Escrima Terminology.

How often do you look back at who you were and compare that person to who you like to think you are now? Having kids will cause that reaction in many people. I am proud to write that I include myself in that group of people.

Think back to the idea’s you had about training martial arts and why you thought they were cool. Bruce Lee comes to mind for many people. For me, many of the old singing cowboysLink to lone ranger pics were my first initiation in what could be called that type of movie. We loved watching the good guys (with the white hats of course!) They had fist fights with the bad guys and shot the guns out of their hands as well. When it was really bad, they shot the bad guys. Gene Autry was just one of the many cowboys who we loved to watch. The fact that I come from Texas didn’t hurt either. That made them even more cool! The Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers were some others that really got me worked up. I would get my bb rifle and run outside.

Link to Conan marvel comicComic books presented me to Conan and that type of tough guy. It’s easy to see why I like swords. All boys have this gene or at least many do. What came next was no big surprise. The kung fu movies with all the terrible vocal quality and lip syncing. The common link in all the above was the good guy and the fight for some standard of right and wrong. I still live by a code today. My conscience is a strong driving force in what makes me feel good and what makes me feel like I should strive to do.

This can quickly become a hot topic in that many of the vertues we would like to support in our children, our students and would like to see in our own mentors and instructors, don’t always fit with real life. This is one of the reason there are so many cops that feel like they are taking undue chances with their lives. Society’s desire to have a LE force that looks and reacts a certain way collides with reality. Surviving a possible lethal confrontation is not as clear cut as when Gene Autry knocked the bad guy out with a combinations of wild hay maker left and right swings.

We react differently to confrontations depending on who we are. It took my wife hours to truly calm down after I was in a fight with a gang in Copenhagen. My history on the street and in tournaments as well as many other aspects of my life told me that reality was much uglier than what the movies showed us. As I have written before, J is a gentil soul and the reality of fighting a gang is not something that fits into her expectations. How many people are like this? The answer is … Many people! It all get back to our heroes and mentors and what we got out of the lessons from them.

Latosa Concepts Escrima. Training, seminars and friends past and presentMany of the instructors that choose to call what they do combative are an example to open people’s eye up to the reality of conflicts. Latosa Concepts is most definitely combative. I live my life by a code taught to me by the singing cowboys but the adult acceptance of life’s realities has to be there when training and teaching. Training has to help me survive on the street … this is a short and sweet truth!

If we look at the martial arts / combative instructors that I have learned from there has been a mix of real hard asses and some idealistic types. We need that mix just like we need to acknowledge where we come from. We lose a little of our history and who we are when we don’t do that. We can surpass an influence in our life, but the fact that they were there can not be denied. If we lie to ourselves we void the lesson we learned.

If you want to have fun and look at the balance of idealistic and reality based instructorsLatosa Concepts Escrima. Training, seminars and friends past and present you have you can make a little list. This is mine. Note it is not in chronological order. They have all contributed in some form or fashion to improve my martial arts /combative skills and mentality. I’ll stop here to avoid the psychological talk.

My father

A nut case that wanted to see my family extinct

Students who I teach to this day.

GM Latosa – Escrima and unarmed hand to hand

Master Bill Newman – Escrima and swords

Master Lind – Escrima and swords

Karate instructors I can’t remember the name of. USA and DK

Aikido instructors

Malte Frid-Nielsen – BJJ

Lars Murholt – special subjects

An escrima instructor named Dumpe

Nic Osei – Escrima

Kenneth Kyhe – Escrima and WT

Jørgen Riis – WT

Henning Daverne – WT

John Waller – Swords and more. See the video at the end for a little taste of what he knows. His son, Jonathan,  teaches actors how to stage fight. He is also in the video.

This is just a little bit of the list I could make. There were many more including the people who kicked my ass on the street as a kid. They taught me lessons and therefore are a type of instructor.

This brings up a subject that people forget way too often. We learn from the lost fights and confrontations in our lives. These might be confrontations of will, knowledge or emotional as well. It can be hard, but we should remember that we learn something from each time we are hit in reality as well as when it is conceptual. We should learn from mistakes and keep looking forwards as much as we can.

Our mentors from other areas of our life can easily effect our judgment regarding self-defense. In my case, a carpenter who I worked for years ago changed my life. I wanted to be more like him in many ways. He was a contrast to my own father in many ways. Through his quite ways, he implanted many ideas in my head. If you start to think about the list of people who have given you food for thought in other areas of your life you might recognize their influences in your martial arts as well.

I’ll stop here. This could be a very long post otherwise. Stop and think a little and you might find that some treasures come to mind, be it a drill, an idea or some little detail. It might even be a memory of getting drunk with some friends. You never know.

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Audio of Bullet Proof Your Mind by Dave Grossmann.

Audio of Bullet Proof Your Mind by Dave Grossmann.

Bengt Abrahamsson, the Escrima instructor in Malmø, Sweden, sent some YouTube links to me.The links are for a speech from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, a well-known instructor in the military and law enforcement branch. There are ca. 13 parts of his seminar. Many people will not like all his views on some subjects, others will be completely awed by the amounts of useful information. I will let you decide which camp you find your self in. For those people who train others or train yourselves, you will hear a lot of information that you know. The question is; how often do you use the information?

Ya’ll enjoy.

Be Proactive in Life and Training