LC, FMA and DK FMA update. 3-09-2016

Latosa Concept, FMA and DK FMA update. 3-10-2016

Udendørs fma træning DK FMAI hope ya’ll are doing well. This will be a quick update for you.

  1. Make sure you check out the DK, FMA FB page to let A.N. know if you are going to the Zombie Melon Bash 2. Date: 10-09-2016.
  2. Make sure you keep spreading the word that we are looking for the right place for our club to train. The people who haven’t heard, we lost the training room to a wrestling club that had priority over our club. We are trying to stay away from the center of Copenhagen. We have members who live all over Sjælland and the center of town is just a time killer regarding transport, parking and so on.

We have looked a one place and are in the process of contacting others. Do your part men.

Any hoo. Spread the word and let people know. Training rooms, back rooms, and places like basements with a high ceiling are all a possibility, if the budget is right and the place works for our members.

Dansk FMA go selvforsvars gruppen3. A.N. passed his spontaneous 3rd grade test the other day. He has earned the right to start on two stick training… officially. I started swinging two sticks at him the other day and he did well considering what I did. For those of you who have tested with me know… I can be a little difficult when I test people.

Now, let’s bash some melons, coconuts and what ever else next wk-end!

Stay Proactive and have a great wk-end!


Latosa Concepts, FMA summer vacation strength and conditioning

Latosa Concepts, FMA summer vacation strength and conditioning

I hope ya’ll are doing well. it’s time for some more inspiration for your strength and conditioning during the summer vacation or just any other day.

My family rents a summer house every summer. We just returned home after some time away. With my day job being as physically tough on my 51 yr old body, my vacation was a time for me to focus on my self every morning. This is a description of what I did after my coffee. I hope it inspires you to get off the sofa ! I did a type of station training, repeating the stations.

  1. Coffee and sitting in the yard watching the sun come up!Latosa Concepts, FMA summer vacation conditioning 1
  2. Get the rope out and find a good tree to hang from
  3. Grab your Escrima tools, (Mine were: 2 sticks, 3 knives, and a hatchet that I made a ergonomic handle for)
  4. Start doing right handed and left handed fig-8, high-high-low, and many other patterns.
  5. Do a few sit-ups, push ups, back ext., squats and more to warm up.
  6. Now you can do free forming  or just strike pattern training with your weapon combo. Change every time you come back to it,
  7. Do one type of frontal sit-ups, then side/lateral core muscle training, then back extension Latosa Concepts, FMA summer vacation conditioning 3of your desire.
  8. Do 2 types of push-ups every time you you start them.
  9. Do some lung training. Jumping from side to side. (see pictures)
  10. Do some pull and back shoulder training. (see picture)
  11. Repeat, repeat, repeat,repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat all stations!
  12. Do some stretching
  13. Eat some breakfast, read a book or just hang out.Latosa Concepts, FMA summer vacation conditioning 2
  14. The rest of the day should be used on your family.

Note!, the core training changed every time I did it, if you are looking for ideas, there are gobs of ideas on YouTube. The same for the push ups. There are many forms. Because you are doing this program every day, you should leave a little gas in the tank when doing the exercises. An example would be making sure you can do one or two more push-up etc. Then you stop and move on to the next exercise.

Latosa Concepts logo red backgroundI have done the same at the fitness center. The sticks were replaced with heavy bag work. Some exercises were, walking lunges, step ups, asymmetric squats, wrestlers press, pull ups and more. Today, I did bag work, deadlifts and twisting bend over rows and then core training. Tomorrow I will do pushing/squatting/lunge exercises with more core training and bag work.

Enjoy folks! Talk at you later.

Stay Proactive in life and Training


What’s up at Latosa Concepts Copenhagen? DK Summer break and more.

What’s up at Latosa Concepts Copenhagen? DK Summer break and more. 18/07-2016

I hope ya’ll are doing well. Some of the things I’ll touch on in this blog are what we have been working on lately, starting up again after the summer break and the usual mix of Latosa Concepts, FMA  Terminology for DK FMA and Self-defense.

To start with one of the post that  I want to make you aware of is this one.It’s old but good.  Because of my special background, I have listened to it twice.

Bulletproof your mind with Dave Grossman.

With all the trouble going on in the states at the moment, I felt the post above is a good reminder of how to handle situations that are happening. Living abroad, I am aware that I could have a target on my back. It’s a fact of life that I have to deal with everyday. The trick is to not let it take over your/my everyday life.

Dansk FMA go selvforsvars gruppenWhen I teach the guys, I am focused on their abilities to cope with what ever is thrown at them. The methods we train are the FMA lessons from GM Rene Latosa and my other FMA instructors. There are different tools to develop the needed skills in them. As GM Rene Latosa has said and written so many times …. Drills are not fight training. They are a basis to build a mental and physical reaction and action on. Master bill Newmann always said he was in the business of making escrimador that will not go down. He was talking about be tenacious!

From time to time, I feel the men ( Who I teach now) are ready to be tested. I turn into a bad guy that makes them wonder if I am angry with them. The last time i did this A. was tested and passed his grade right there on the spot. It’s always a good feeling to see a students eyes when they hear they have passed a given grade. I always shake their hands when doing it. They go from thinking I am nuts to seeing the pride in my eyes when they live up to the level requested by me. This last time (I tested the men) was the last training session before the 2 wk. summer break. I am proud to say that the men who were at the training were tested according to the skill level they are at and they did well. They kept their focus under an assault of consisting off many different attacks. As I said/wrote, I was a little bad. 😉 The test is meant to show me ( the instructor) and them, where they break under a given pressure. I feel that they did well. If they didn’t break at some point under the wave of attacks then they should be teaching me. 😉

Any hoo! What does it mean to be tenacious when training? The answer is simple. We all get hit. It’s just a question of time. Depending on the situation, ( training, tournament, a street confrontation, or a business deal, a divorce ) we have to stand up again. When we train, we make mistakes and end up in the wrong position. Especially when one’s instructor, who knows your weaknesses, decide to put you in the wrong position. The trick is to work like hell to get to that good position again. This includes taking command of the situation and making our mind strong and resolute. Remember who decides! and Who is the rag doll?

This is why drills get harder as we progress in knowledge and skill. Reality is not the gym.  We are going to get hit, it is what we do, after or at the time of the strike, that makes all the difference. Sometimes I would see a situation progression when I did security.  My way of steadying my mind was to say the following to myself…. this is going to hurt and I still have to do my job, here we go!. By accepting the fact that pain could be involved, the threat of pain was no longer a dirty little secret my brain had to work at not thinking about / suppressing. My job was easier.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 11.03.35Some students will stop training with me and be well prepared to defend themselves. Soldiers in a sense. I am always proud of their abilities when/if they stop. Hard work begets pride! Others will walk away warriors. Both are fine in my book.They should feel that way as well. By the way, the people wanting exercise should find another instructor! I am interested only in teaching real self-defence based on FMA knowledge. My recommendation for the people wanting a more gymnastic habit, is to go to a gymnastics class or be a member of a large club. I teach to see real advancements in people’s skill levels.

With that said men, we will be doing a lot of strike pad work again when we start up in August. 🙂 That will be one of your skills.

As written in an earlier post, we have been outside. The groups has been small. 5 at most, and I like it like that sometimes. I get to work with each person and see the progressions they make. Once again I get to be a proud papa.

If we talk about situational awareness and all the crap going on in the world right now, we can say one thing. … We can’t walk around in a given level of fight mode all the time. If you try that you will not have a job, girl, family, and or friends anymore. We might even get locked up on the funny farm! We can develop some basic habits, that we can practice w/o having to move on the street like we are in a boxing match. In short use your instincts and gut feeling, develop skills and learn to be tenacious when needed. Loving our family and having fun in our lives doesn’t mean we have to stop training ourselves. we must have to trust those strange feelings we might get in a situation.

Enough of that. I am on vacation now and there is no official training for 2 weeks. I am around if there are any questions, I’m just being lazy and training myself every day. The club starts up again in August. See DK FMA and Self-defense grp here.

I am looking forward to making sure a few members are up to snuff before they progress to the next grade. Once again, well done the other day men, I was not nice.

If you are in Jylland and are looking for a good club that follows the same training structure I do, write and I will set you up with M.A. From there on it’s up to you to show M. that you want to learn.

Stay proactive in Life and training.




Latosa Concepts outdoor weekend training has started.

Latosa Concepts outdoor weekend training for 2016 has started.

I hope ya’ll are doing well. LC Escrima  Copenhagen / DK FMA outdoor training has started Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 13.11.27once again.  There were 4  brave souls (+ myself) last time and the weather is getting better now. We had a slight snow fall last week but we are escrimadors so we kept on training. If the weather holds we’ll be meeting at one of our usual place for outdoor training. Charlottenlund Fort is on the beach in Hellerup just outside of Copenhagen. We’ll cross our fingers that the weather predictions hold so we can meet there and do some training by the water. I’ll send the usual text out around Wednesday. Your “YES” is binding. My stitches will be out so I’m looking forward to swinging a stick, knife or what ever is planned for the day.

Place: CharlottenLund Fort

Time: 10:30-12:00

Day: Saturday, May 7 2016

You need to have: clothing for outdoor training, water bottle, gloves  and trainingUdendørs escrima træning på Charlottenlund Fort, Dansk FMA og Selvforsvar gruppen equipment.

I’ll have: The bag from the club box and a program ready

A “YES I’ll be there” IS BINDING

Google map link:,12.5863205,17.96z

There is a large grassy area beside the fort. That’s where we meet.

I just got back from the beach where my wife and I enjoyed a coffee and a blanket on the ground. If the weather is as good as predicted I might have my lunch with me.

See you there men.

Stay Proactive in Life and Training


Self-defense training with the Danish FMA and Self-defense Grp video

Self-defense training with the Danish FMA and Self-defense Grp video

Drills vs fight training in FMA. Latosa Concept, FMA and Danish FMA group terminology

Drills vs fight training in FMA. Latosa Concept, FMA and Danish FMA group terminology

dansk fma og selvforsvar gruppe i københavnI hope ya’ll are doing well. It’s time for more ranting and terminology. Before that, I’d like to remind you that we are open for new members now. You can see the guys who were at training the other day in the picture. So write to us so we can plan a training session with our club.

Now to the subject at hand. When we do drills, they are usually some counter attacks and other mixes of techniques that are related or put together for other reasons. One might be to learn how to hit with control when starting the first 2 stick drill. Most people need some time to feel that they have control of the left handed strike. I’ll put a video below to show what I mean. Drills can be put together to get use the stress level, so the students can focus on improving something like the timing of the strike and foot work with the left hand… if we stick with the given example above!

All drills are not fight training! I repeat, ALL DRILLS ARE NOT FIGHT TRAINING! If I was going to do a crash course for military, CPO ( VIP protection) etc, Then most drills would be fight training. When we teach people in a club setting, then we are looking at developing skills that we don’t have time to improve with the crash course. At least with most people, there will always be the élite learners.

Not only that, but a given drill at a beginner level would not look like the same drill for an intermediate level student or advanced level student. We post a lot of videos compared to other FMA clubs, but we don’t post everything! We have the training, we show the world via videos and we have the next level of understanding that doesn’t end up on video.

As the guys start to develop skills we turn up the stress level via different tools. this could be more honest attacks from the BG ( bad guy ), it could be via more attackers, noise, catastrophe position, other starting weapon positions, and much more.

Once a student has learned to understand the distance of a stab ( using the low counter strike to the attacking weapon hand) then he / she can go on to doing a #2 strike to the head and moving more offline, or even preempting with online footwork. Then when the live hand has been developed to a given level, we can add the live hand control to the same attack when the BG stabs low. Hopefully you see where we are going.

We can look at a drill as a stick drill or we can look at it as a bladed drill. Blades always command more respect. People can be and often are more brave when attacked by an attacker wielding a blunt weapon. Just by changing the attackers weapon, we start all over again with building the confidence of the student and thereby their ability to do more than just a basic drill. They can start more true to life fight drills. This is why people look differently when the fight really starts.

You’ll hear me yelling yes!, even though a student has reacted outside the drill parameters at times. That is because they have taken a simple drill for skills sake and started to adapt it to real fight / self-defense situations.

I hope you don’t really think the FMA videos showing a long series of counter strikes is supposed to be what it looks like when we use our training in real life ( if we are so unlucky that we have to )

You will hear GM Rene talk about keeping to the basics and those of us who have learned from him, will most likely always have our student look at the basic concepts as they progress. Are they maintaining balance as they learn new skills and learn to function under more and more pressure? Do they still command control of timing and distance when they add 2 sticks to a list of t he tools they can use?  Can that take that same cross strike with the stick and transfer the same power to the use of the live hand while they attack to the head when the attacker stabs ?

In short, the many drills for developing the skills of a warrior are not the same skills and drills that would be used to develop a soldier in a short amount of time. There are going to be extra drills and possibly slower paths of learning. And later on the ability to ascend to a higher level of understanding and skill will/can be the result. (Given the fact that the student is ready for the learning curve and more). The funny thing is things get easier later on when we take our time in the beginning! In other words the second 2 stick grade for the guys will be easier because we spent the time on the second single stick grade.

I could write about this subject for along time. There are so many combinations of timing, distance and more that it could be a book. But my old fingers are getting tired and the sun is shinning. AND it’s Friday!

Do some training this weekend and make sure you spend some time with your family. enjoy their company and remember what you do have in your life.

Stay Proactive in Life and Training


Dino Power!



Latosa Concepts, FMA and Danish FMA & Self-Defense grp Terminology 1. The buffer zone.

Latosa Concepts, FMA and Danish FMA & Self-Defense grp Terminology 1. The buffer zone.

In this entry I will write about a few terms used when teaching Latosa Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts. The concepts that GM Rene uses quite a lot are as follows

  • Balance
  • Focus
  • Speed, timing and distance
  • Power
  • Transition

As well as these, there are terms that are used quite a lot when teaching Latosa Concepts. One is buffer zone. We will start with this today because its relevancy. During the last class at Wing Tsun Kuen, we talked about this. For anyone that has trained or keeps up with FMA, the 5 concepts are found in many systems to one degree or another. So I will wait a little with the 5 concepts. Getting back to buffer zone. I coined this term to make the understanding process easier. The buffer zone is the area between the weapon and it’s target (that being a part of you) at the point in time when the counter attack reaches it’s target. I started using this term to help people understand and remember that they are training to deal with the most commonly used weapon in attacks…. Kitchen knives. The buffer zone is a tool to improve the chances of an edged weapon attack. When working with sticks it is easier to build a respect for the power that can be generated in a strike or a sequence of strikes. Imagine now that amount of power being used by an attacker holding a normal kitchen knife. Let’s say that the blade is ca. 20 cm just to put a number on it. Now you are starting to understand why there has to be a buffer zone to function as an insurance policy. When training with sticks, I have seen time and again that people think they are strong enough to stop an attack without much effort. The result has often been a painful backlash with a persons own training weapon. Add to that, I have gone straight through many sticks. We have to have respect for what happens when two forces meet. One is stronger and one is weaker.  With an edge weapon encounter the potential danger is multiplied many times.  For beginners the buffer zone is crucial. If there is no room for  possible collapse of the counter attack then you can be in real trouble. With time and more experience, we all develop a healthy respect for the dangers and understand the trade offs. That’s it for this time. Be Proactive in Life and Training CW

When is there a lethal threat?

I receive several newsletters from tactical training groups. In one of them there was a short article about the above mentioned subject. This is a subject that is a virtual minefield because of the different views, philosophies and social standards. 

We can start by looking at the thugs on the street that don’t share a common persons perspective on conflicts. If we divide a conflict into 5 levels, we can see how slowly we progress from level 1 (being a low level verbal conflict) to  level 5 (being the extreme in a physical conflict). For most people “the most serious” is no where close to my perspective or perhaps another person’s perspective of a level 5 threat. A typical example is how seriously it is taken when a 17 year old person tries to stab or actually stabs another person.  Stabbing a person repeatedly, or attempting to, is a level 5 threat in my book. It is often looked upon with a lack of seriousness. The Danish law says the defending person is allowed to use equal force to defend them self. The Danish social standard says something else completely. I’ve heard the expression, “you are built kinda big aren’t you?” and “you have training don’t you?”  Size can save you in some cases when being stabbed in certain places on the body but you have to be big and lucky. The guiding perception is training and size some how changes the knife to a rubber training knife. There is a false perception regarding what people see on TV and in the movies. Another problem is what some call “equalisers,” or threat amplifiers They can be used by the assaulting person or the defending person. Common equalizers can be: guns, knives, blunt weapons, bottles, etc. The list goes on, equalizers can also be 3 other gang members that don’t have your best wishes in mind. Now add equalizers and the ability to jump straight to level 5  aggressiveness, then serious problem arises. The next factor is experience with such situations. Hooligans are good at functioning during such situations because of sheer experience. It has been their teacher. They know how normal people react to the threat they pose. What kind of experience does a normal person have ? The answer is … most don’t have much! Even people who have fought in tournaments are behind the game. They are trained for a sport arena, a different world completely. An example could be a total surprise regarding your own reaction to the adrenaline dump that takes place. How many people train to cope with an adrenaline dump in a real life assault? Being hit worsens the effect with confusion and pain. Having your family close by causes all sorts of conflicts in the decision making process. The last part of the equation, we are looking at, is the human body. How do we best physically prepare ourselves for and assault? The human body can take enormous amounts of punishment  and a moment later be damaged with the least amount of pressure. Shear dumb luck plays a role too. How does one best prepare for a potential assault?

  1. Adrenaline training will get you farther than you think.
  2. Thinking situations through ahead of time helps greatly. The “what if game “ does a lot to prepare a person.
  3. Do not project your standards on to other people. You may feel like a moral person that requires quite a lot to become physical. This is not always true for others, especially with those having past experience in violence.
  4. A certain amount of physical activity is good for our mental state of mind as well as our ability to heal and avoid sickness. A fit body can also react/act faster and take more punishment.

There are other things we can do but you get the general idea.

1 måneds gratis træning selvforsvar københavn

1 måneds gratis træning selvforsvar københavn

Reaction triggers

Reaction and action triggers which starts a flow or movement sequence for combative sports and self-defense training.

The following is a quick article that I wrote for an Escrima newsletter. It’s old but good to read. It’s about reaction or action triggers, which starts a flow and /or movement sequence for combative sports and self-defense training. The name I coined, trigger, is meant to be descriptive of something that starts a chain reaction of event.


An instructor in Helsingborg Sweden, Jørgen Thunman, sent an email to me with some links about training. In responding to his mail, I realized that the subject would be good for the newsletter.

There was a video about using the head as a trigger to activate the body. This relationship between the trigger and the body can also be exploited and used as a target of attack.

To start with there are many ways to trigger a movement, if we learn to be aware of our movements and bodies. There are triggers that start a chain reaction in our bodies and there are triggers that start a mental reaction in us. We can also train our selves to be triggered by a movement or thought for that matter.  For those of you who have trained knives with me, we have touched on the blade angle being used as a trigger to start the movement of the feet, body, etc. For those of you who  have trained with me on Mondays and other days at the WTC, you will know about the mental triggers that I talk about from time to time.

This brings me to one reason why I use 1 hand = 1 foot as a warm up quite a lot. The foot work triggers a body movement and the correct “buffer zone” and angle according to the attacker. By working on moving our feet faster, we work on moving our bodies to the correct position faster as well. This is an unconscious reaction, if we are not that aware of our bodies.

Once we are aware of how to train our bodies and minds to react to triggers we can use this in slow motion training to cut down on wasted time. If a person hits, stab, cut, etc with one weapon stretched out in front of his body and one stretched out behind his body then he is wasting time. There is long period of time between the first strike and the second strike.

Note! The small sword stance with one hand behind the body is based on balance and the fact that the small sword is often used alone. We are not talking about swords here. Again, you should thank the instructor from Helsingborg, Jørgen Thunman, for this. He also sent a link which had to do with training alone. The information was a description of what I also do when training alone. Tai Chi looks a little strange if you think about training to move quickly in a fight situation. But if we use slow movement to analyze and train triggers and avoid wasted time then it becomes a tool and a form of training we can use to better our speed and reactions as well as proactive movements.

The trick with training triggers and slow motion movements is to look at them as a tool and another way to train as well as full contact training, the traditional training we do, etc.

Be proactive in Life and Training