Shot show 2013 knives and tools

I hope ya’ll are doing well. I thought I would go back in time and post an entry that followed the style of some of the older blog entries.  It’s no secret that we have taught professionals and will continue to do so. I think I can speak for M.A. (Aarhus LC Grp.) and myself when I say that they tend to listen more and work harder because they understand it’s about their safety as well as the prosperity of their families. We all want our kids to prosper and have all the advantages including having a complete family around them. Theirs also personal issues as well. Our own pasts drive us.
With that said I used to post information about some of the new and upcoming equipment that people might want for work and believe it or not scouting. My son loves the outdoors. He would rather live in a tent at times.

This brings me to something some people might not know. Many knives have a shape and design based on the job that needs doing. Different tools can be: a skinning knife, a fillet knife and a heavy camping knife for batoning. The hunters and outdoors people will know that you need a full tang knife for this last job.

In the videos, there is some information about tools and knives that where at the 2013 Shot Show. The tool nerd and craftsman in me just slobbers when I see the stuff. The Texan in me howls at the knives and the escrima instructor wants to be aware of what is out there. If it’s on the net some one on the street has one.

It’s my belief that pro’s should have proper working tools. A basic idea is:  all emergency personnel should have strap cutters and more with them. If you are smart you believe the same for every person that drives a car. How many of you have had a first aid course lately? Got ya’ didn’t I.

Any hooo! There is a bunch of information out there but the knife and shot shows are a good place to do some looking.

Have a great day and …. Stay Proactive in Life and Training