HMMMM! If they don’t hit you, you hit them back!

Preempting and So What Training. Me like! Add some other Latosa Escrima  FMA theories and techniques to MMA and you get this.

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Latosa Concepts, FMA. Change things up!

Latosa Concepts, FMA training. Change things up!

It’s been a  while since an escrima blog entry has been posted. It’s about time. The theme my training partner (MA) and I follow at the time is a good place to start.

What do you do when you train the martial art or self-defense you train? Think about that and try to find a pattern in the drills and exercises you perform. You should understand why the drills are built up the way they are to get the most out of them.

We are major believer in:

– Preempting

– Learning to attack /counter attack before learning to defend

– Training to win

– Being ready for any attack

– Changing drills up from time to time

The list goes on. Why train to win? If you spend the majority of your time putting yourself in a defensive scenario or in a bad situation you will get used to not fighting tooth and nail to avoid those situations. Don’t get me wrong here. There is a place for catastrophe training. There are also groups that are forced to train catastrophe training more than the rest of us because of  tactical reason and laws. There are also advantages to catastrophe training, stress acclamation etc. The problem comes once again when the person/group get too used to being in in a bad situation and forgets to bust their balls to avoid it.

Getting back to changing training routines up to avoid only training one way. MA and I like to train sparring and feeding drills to help us keep attacking /counter attacking no matter what is thrown at us. We do it for a period of time then change weapons or do it unarmed. We have trained together for quite while, this means the transition from no weapon to a cutting weapon to 2 blunt weapons is no real matter. We are getting back to Transition.  As part of the feeding drills we continue the attack flow to make sure we have won the situation.

What happens mentally here? We risk forgetting that the bag guy might still be standing. One of the drills we just started is the good guy starts with a preemptive attack. The BG follows up with one or a series of counters. Depending on who you are you might experience a difficulty continuing the preemptive flow because of the resistance. There you have one way to get something out of a simple change … mental strength and perseverance. Another might be the ability to read the BG’s counter in mid stream and change your own attack as a result. There you have it another reason to change things up … the ability to read your attacker/the assailant.

I had a client a while back. He was being stationed in a different kind of security job. The new scenario meant it was time to program his thought patterns so he was ready for the potentially seriousness scenarios that could arise. His reaction in such cases will have to be much harder than those from his former job assignment. We are getting back to the tactical requirements of situations and jobs here.

When thought patterns change the seriousness of the preemptive attacks and counter attack have to change as well. look at the two situation and see the difference. An every day example could be when a teacher has to control a student that is swinging his arms in an attempt to hit the teacher … more out of frustration. The second is less common, she is attacked on the way to the car after an aerobics class. In the second case she should be thinking about total survival which means there are no rules.  How many people have trained situations in which there are no rules? And how many people have rules for the no rules training?

So let me ask you this … Have you changed your training routine lately. If not, shake things up and train in a different way to stay on top of the game.

Just to round things up, GM Latosa has almost finished his new website. Check it out.

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Be Proactive in Life and Training