The responsibility of power, Latosa Concepts FMA terminology.

I hope ya’ll are doing well. It’s time for another post, which I hope, will give you food for thought. Before I get started there are a few things that need “saying.”

  1. GM Rene Latosa is making the rounds. Make sure you get to one of his seminars if you can.
  2. Congratulations to D.K. and A.N. on the new grades. Well done. Both men were given there grades a while back, but it’s worth saying again.
  3. Remember members and former students  need to let us know if you are coming to the Before Christmas Christmas Party for the club.

Enough of that. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What is power, or for that sake responsibility ? Power can be uncomfortable for many people. I would venture to say/write that power is something that scares many power in many cases. The power and responsibility for our children can be the catalyst for profound change in us. For many of us it’s a scary thing in the beginning. Some people never really are relaxed with it. For some people power is the ability to live ones life without fear.

We have all seen people who don’t want to make a decision. They are just scared of the responsibility of power. Other in turn relish having the power and end up being real pains in bottom for others. In many ways, you can see the different types of people in the election process at the moment. Many younger people would like to just give all the power to the government in the hope that system and the people running it, are good people. Others think that the government should be smaller and less powerfull.

We see the same thing in the gun issue. Many people are not afraid to protect their individual power by way of concealed carry and others can’t stand the idea of the person next to them carrying a concealed weapon. Colin Noir touches on this subject in his introduction to the video below.

I have been lucky enough to help people several times in my life. The power, I have is not a firearm on my hip ( that would mean jail and expulsion from Denmark). The power I have is the my training. I have had many very good instructors who I have learned from. Add to that some life experiences, and I was able to help people at times in my life as well as avoiding violent conflicts, when others could see it would be a hard fight to get what they wanted from me and my family ( ill gotten gains).

That ability / power came from embracing the fact that part of power and responsibility for those in my care means doing what has to be done. In short taking on the responsibility as mine. Training combative sports, martial arts and other defensive system may not be scary for some people. Others feel very frightened by just walking past out little group training with wooden knives. (BTW, we worked on some knife scenario training at Saturday’s training yesterday.) I can tell you from experience that the guy, that an American and a Russian protected from three men with bottles is not upset about the training those two individuals had, or the fact that they were willing to help him. All of the others looking on did not feel like they could help. They were powerless! I was told this by many people who heard what I ( The American ) did. Should we go through life with a feeling of no power? You should ask yourself that. My family always had firearms when I was kid. We were raised with what could happen when one was handled incorrectly. In short I was raised to respect power and understand that I had it as well as my father. My families safety was my responsibility when my father was not home.

We all have to develop power and the responsibility of power. If we don’t, we will never be whole. How can we be good parents unless we have the power to say “no” when our children need to hear that word. Feeling incapable to parent our children means our children will not grow to be responsible, powerfull and truly happy people.

The colleges in the states have become political correct hot beds of late. Part of understanding the power we have is seeing all aspects of it. By not saying or thinking something we are cheating ourselves of the responsibility of power. In shorts we are sheep. Sheep have no power. They enjoy the protection of the sheep dog when needed but are scared by it’s presence when there are no wolves around.

We can’t be powerful, aka responsible when we refuse to do what needs tone done (a self-defense situation) or say what needs to be said ( example of parenting) if we done except the responsibility! I get the fact, that not everybody needs a combative / self-defense instructor like myself. Some people might want a bjj or some other type of instructor. What needs to be understood is not taking on the responsibility for your own and your families safety gives the power to someone else.  You can’t say anything bad about what was done to you if yo have always given your power away to other people.

Btw., if we lived in Texas, my whole family would have firearms training. We are in Denmark, so my firearm has to be my knowledge of FMA and self-defense. The Danish and the American idea of responsibility for ones family are quite different. In one case the  government has all the power ergo has to protect the people as well as it can. In the other case people feel the responsibility for their families protection.  For the Danes this could relate to “bestandshjælp”/ welfare  contra  “A-kassen” / unemployment insurance.

Embracing our power and responsibility can be seen in many ways. I know I have embraced the responsibility for my family’s health and well being instead of going along with the budget based treatments that we might experience in the health care system here in DK.

Escrima and self-defense is just one facit of embracing responsibility and power.

Stay Proactive in Life and Training




More bushcraft and camping knives. Youtube video from EverydayTacticalVids

More bushcraft and camping knives. Youtube video from EverydayTacticalVids.

I hope ya’ll are doing well. As you ya’ll have seen a few trim,es on the blog, I like to have a bushcraft type post / video from time to time. The video below is an update to some other videos that have to do with camping / bushcraft knives and what you can get out there.

Enjoy and Stay Proactive in Life and Training.


Another blog post.

What’s up? Another blog for operators, a video and some other subjects.

What’s up? Another blog for operators, a video and some other subjects. Latosa Concepts FMA.

I hope ya’ll are doing well. As the title explains, this will be a mixed subject blog post. I’ve been on my back with a bug the last few days. I’m just glad that we went ancestral with our nutrition / life style. The flu would have had me down much longer before the switch.

To start with there is a video at the end of the post, that I listened to while drinking coffee and waking up. It’s worth a listen.

LC, FMA link to Operators Lab blogThe next subject is a blog for pro LEO and other professionals. People like my self who teach / work with pro’s will like it as well. . Both MA and I know the person responsible for the blog. He is a pro, so you will be in good hands over there. Good luck.

Well just stick with the pro subject for this next section. I used to post many more pro related blog posts when I had the company. There were subjects like lights, emergency knives and so on. In short tools of the trade.

I was given a LAIX B2 tac. pen as a gift. Thanks to the person by the way. I like it a lot. If you are hard on a pen then you might like to have one of these. It has always been my opinion that pro’s like cops, security of all sorts and any other emergency responder should have glass breakers and strap cutters with them. The trick is to get everything combined so the person doesn’t have to carry a tool box! The B2 that I have is a plus in that it’s a pen, self-defense tool and glass breaker all in one. You can see an in depth review of it here. . Just think if Jason Borne had a tactical pen when he stabbed the dab guy with a pen. The FMA nerds will get that one.  😉

I was also given a legal knife for carry in Denmark on my birthday. As I have written before my son and I are out in nature together from time to time. Boy scout stuff and the like. The

LAIX B2 and Lansky world knifeknife I was given is a lanky world legal version. Here in Denmark, the blade has to be under a certain length, demand 2 hands to open and not lock in the open position. That’s enough to really mess with a Texan who grew up with a buck in the back pocket. Getting back to the knife, I can have it with me when we are going on a outing and live up to the law even though we are not at a camp site or what ever it might be. The cool thing about the knife is the blade width. The blade is not that great but it will do. I would recommend that you get your file, diamond rod and stone out to change the angle on the cutting edge. It has a butt end that could work as a glass breaker in a pinch.

When doing security work, I used to have a leatherman on my belt. It ( the lanky) is not a good multi tool but it is what is, a way to be some what prepared for what ever with out the cops taking your leatherman because the blade is 5 mm too long. Add to that, the hassle, fines and possible time for having a TOOL on you.

I feel safe knowing I have a metal pen with a glass breaker, so I could do just that or what ever it might have to be used for. The knife is there, if you want a knife and a normal pen. Please note that the normal pen might be more dangerous as a defense tool when the end breaks.

Do I think that pro’s should have a dedicated strap cutter for seat belts and car accidents at all times? The answer is YES and I think that the agency, be it fire, police, military or security, should supply it. There are better solutions for this purpose. Please note that there are always some small needs for a knife. For us poor citizens who want to be some what prepared. The combo could be a way to go. Alone or together, you are better off with the the tools on your person. I can’t even start to count the number of time that I used the leatherman in security situations, when I needed a tool of some type.

Finally, and far from least…. thanks men for a cool training session and meeting the other day. The meeting showed me once again that we have a well balanced group of friends who share the FMA bug. Our Club ( forening ) is in good hands.  I’ll be ready for the next training session now that the flu bug has released it’s grip on me.

We’ll be working on the Danish FMA and self-Defense group website again soon. There is information about our club etc at the site …

Enjoy the video regarding strength training and rest!

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How badly do you want it? Just do it in 2012!

Have you asked yourself how badly you want something lately? I hope you have. The new year is coming and there is the usual talk about new year resolutions everywhere you look on the web. I am not going to tell you you should do this or that or make this change or that change. You are a grown person after all. You know if something needs to be changed.

What I do want to make you think about is how badly you want something to happen. It could be fma goals, sports goals, family goals, or personal goals … how badly do you really want it? When I worked much more as a personal trainer, there were excuses for this and that. I could not get away from the tales that clients would tell me. When I start working with personal training again I will be much harder on people regarding nutrition. The body heals and builds itself at it’s own tempo. I’ll give them that, but baby steps regarding dropping bad habits and starting new good habits is not the way to go for most people. It’s too easy to slip back into the old habits. Seeing things in black and white can make changes easy in the beginning.

I’ll start with nutrition and compare it to FMA and other combative systems, but the subject could be anything you choose. So lets get started. I used to talk a lot about becoming better at eating well. I made excuses and I was backed by the conventional healthy eating model and all the peoiple around me who supported it. I tried to eat oatmeal in the morning like the “experts” said and I just felt like crap afterwards. I ate the bread, rye bread and whole wheat bread, and there was something in me that just said this is not the way for me. My boys joint pains and other ailments caused me to start to listen to the paleo side more and more. As I read more about nutrition and started to understand the effects of gluten on our body and mind I started to understand what was really going on with my joint pains, asthma, migraines, and more as well as what was happening to my boy.

I learned about the addictive nature of some foods and felt it as well. Somewhere along the line I decided to just do it. We threw out a lot of food, other foods like rise were kept for that once a week type of meal. There was a transition to a ketogenic based diet. I felt the effects as many do. It lasted two weeks for me. Some feel it for a few days and think … that was not that bad at all. We are all different, I had abused my body in major ways. By just doing it and stopping the baby steps the process was shortened. Thank God, I did that instead of dragging the process out for ages. I look at bread now and think sooo what! I see it in the same way I see a cheap hooker with aids. Easy and dangerous! I didn’t do that before, trust me. We dropped milk and skin problems went away. It worked! We now eat a balance amount of fat, carbs and protein. Veggies are in. I now look at people who have to eat every hour and a half as addicts. They are addicted to the carbs and they don’t even know it. Life is great when you burn fat and carbs for energy! We started to dial the carbs in according to what we did after a few months.

We had the courage to take the big steps and make changes. My whole family looks and feels differently now. My son is 9 and filled with energy, he doesn’t have the sugar crashes that go along with the conventional diet anymore. His joint pains are reduced greatly, no thanks to the doctors I might add. His skin rashes are gone to, the doctors said he didn’t have any real allergies. luckily my son looks up to me and I made a deal with him, I would learn to eat the veggie’s he likes and he had to try the ones I like. We just did it and we are thankful for it.

How does all this have anything to do with your new years resolution or your FMA training? That is easy, JUST DO IT FOLKS! People may look at you like you are crazy for not fitting into their little way of thinking or the norms they consider correct for you. Take it seriously and work hard at it, set your mind to it and you will see changes with time. It may be like dragging a mac truck to start with but you will get stronger. It will become easy and you will reap the rewards. You might even ask yourself if the people you know are supportive or are they dragging you down. Some thought isn’t it!

How about FMA? Are you an athlete if you are a FMA practitioner? I hope you answered …yes. Martin Rooney likes to talk about training MMA fighters like any other client he has. And he does it, there are differences after a while but the idea is to make the person an athlete and his football coach, MMA coach, or basketball ball coach takes over with the sports related training. FMA people should do the same if they truly have goals of being faster and stronger so their FMA techniques are much stronger and faster. Case in point: Doing agility work will make your nervous system work faster and when your feet and other parts of your body are faster your proactive and reactive techniques will be that much better. Decide on a project for the next month, be it speed or power or agility. Work at it and keep training FMA with your partner or your class.  Next month you can pick another subject. Have you ever trained figure-8 with weights? Maybe you should do shadow boxing with hand weights.

I started you with a video and I’ll leave you with a video. Take charge and make the difference, be it loving more or training harder in 2012. Heck you might even decide to change you eating habits. There are times for baby steps and there are times for giant steps. Think some more about the larger steps, you can do it. A true friend will support you and kick you in the ass if you start slacking.

I hope you and yours have a safe transition into 2012 and we wish you the best in the new year.

Be Proactive in Life and Training.


Self-reliance. Part 3

I hope ya’ll are doing well. Well it happened, something got me thinking again. Btw, I am still going redneck more than I usually do. That’s no secret.

I was talking with someone about kids and allergies. It blows my mind how much people leave to chance when it comes to their children.

I also find my self explaining my son the motivations of “adults.” (We talk a lot about what people used to do to survive and still do when they are trained to survival in the wild. Getting back to the redneck thaaang) Let’s face it kids are more logical than we are at times. There are other times when they are slaves to their desires. Being the wise little fellow he is, my son asked me why a person does something when they know ….. ( This part is private). You get the Idea though. My answer was that they run from the truth or avoid uncomfortable facts because they think it is easier.

I know that this doesn’t have to do with escrima, self-defense, GM Latosa or many of the other usual subjects.  Sorry I’ll do a concepts related post  or a training related post in the near future. Until then I have reposted a blog post that was used for something else. So if you are only to sticks knives and so on …. stop reading.

Are you still there? Good. Here are a few facts and some information that can help you with self-reliance regarding what you put in your face and your kids as well. It’s all about being honest with your self and not letting someone else tell you what to believe / know. In order to be self-reliant, you need a place to start looking for information.

Along with the old post there is a link to a podcast I was listening to while in the kitchen the other day. The guest, Nora Gedgaudas, puts many things in perspective. She was preaching to the choir in my case, but there might something new for you there.

Any Hoo! here you are.

BlogTalkRadio Link

The Old Blog Post.

I was in Copenhagen with my family. It was my wife’s birthday and we went to Riz Raz. Riz Raz is a vegetarian restaurant where you also can order meat. I had some meat on the side as well as eating from the buffet. If you are looking for some inspiration to some vegi-dishes you should go by one of the Riz Raz places. On the way back to the train station, we walked by a hotdog stand selling Hanegal products.  Hanegal is an eco-producer of meats and more in Denmark. I took it as a sign to finish this blog entry.

To top it off, my wife was on the phone with a family member the same day and they ended up talking about our food journey. I write journey because all three of us have something to learn. My wife is learning to not eat all the usual modern Danish foods like oats and bread. My son and I get to learn to eat more kinds of vegi’s. We are both on different sides of the spectrum. He could eat brocoli and nothing else ( he likes it that much) and I would do any thing to not eat the green stuff! We have to work with in the constraint of price and availability as well as the likes and dislikes of different foods. It is something of a journey for us all. Well worth the learning process, even if I have to taste things I swore never to get close to again in my life. I can’t wait until or economic situations lets me have steak and eggs for breakfast ( Texas Food Please! ) like I would like to.

There are always the family and friends who play into the dynamics. They don’t like to hear about how grains etc. are not good for us and we can tend to seem like nut cases. I must admit that it can start to aggravate me a little when I look to the left and the right in stores, shops, and fast food places that are selling healthy food and all I see is soy! Soy me this and soy me that! Any Hooo! Life goes on.

There will always be different types of people out there, those who bought into modern thinking, those who don’t want to change because it is too difficult  (they just can’t be bothered) , and then there are those who would like to know, but don’t have the information to read and start their own journey. I have one client who really is making an effort and I take my hat off to her. There are others who  make the change with ease. Knowing where to go as well as what to read and about and be curious about are always a good start to a journey.

Before we get to far though there are a few terms you need to know.

 Ecological. Follow the link to the EU rules regarding ecological products. It might scare you and it might make you happy.

Ecological  meat is still meat that could have been (most likely has been) fed grains, corns and soy products. In other words the Omega 3 & 6 balance is still a major problem if you know about that. Another problem about this is the e coli problems that arise when the PH level are out of whack because of the feed. This is because the feed is not natures food for the animals and the animals and we the consumer pay the price for it. Then there’s the hormone and antibiotic thing as well.

 Grass fed beef does not have to be finished on grass. This gets back to the PH levels and the omega 3 & omega 6 ratios. It doesn’t take that long to mess up a grass fed cow and make it a grain fed cow.

– Grass finished, on the other hand, is not pumped with unnatural foods before market. This in turn does not cause problems for the animals or us.

There has been court cases which were fought to control the use of the term grass fed, and ecological in the states. The wrong people won and now grass fed meat is being sold even though it really is finished on grain, soy and corn. Very large % of the corn and soy are GMO’s and grain attacks the cows stomachs just like it does ours. In short you might be in a situation where you are being sold something that is misrepresented. Remember the grass fed and grass finished terms.

(Only grass fed and grass finished ) have the Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio that is healthy. On top of that they have CLA’s.

Given the situation in DK we have to live with Semi-grass fed beef that way too often comes from a milk cow. For the Danes reading this, a Texan like my self can tell you when he is eating a jersey cow or a beef cow. I went by a quality butcher who bragged about using jersey cow for his meat. He lost me there. It pays to ask questions folks.

Ecological milk comes from cows that are eating the wrong food for them. Yes, it might be ecological corn, grain and soy,  but it still causes the PH levels to go north. E coli goes bananas and so on. If you want to look it to the modern paleo diet you will see that it can be ok to drink milk from grass fed cows because the fat and much more is what it’s supposed to be. I’ll save the rest of this topic for another blog entry.

At the end of this blog entry I have posted a video. If you are not sure why you should start to look into the ecological, organic and grass fed products you should watch this video about meat glue. Heck if you just don’t like being misled you should watch the video! As always take what I write as a starting point and do some reading and research/digging of your own.

With all that said/written, I am going to break the links and information up into areas. We’ll start with Denmark. There are more but you can get started here and find quite a lot via these links.


Den Grønne butik. My local ecological store in Gentofte. He also has links to other suppliers on his website.


– I’m not sure about the eco-part but the meat is good. The meat is very lean, ergo better when avoiding high omega 6.

– Biogan A/S.


The Weston A. Price group. A go to website that can help with all sorts of information. You name it and you will find it there.

Simply organic. Just found this one with a quick search.

Zoe Harcombe is in the UK. You will find a lot of solid information here.

US Wellness Meats. A great place to get some great meat and more. I just wish I could get some of their products sent to Denmark at a reasonable price. The DK EU told would get me!

American Grass fed  beef

I’ll end the blog entry with a video. Ya’ll have a great day.

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Self-reliance part 2.

To start with, I hope ya’ll are having a great day.

As you  can see this is a continuance of the first post on self-reliance. The first one was meant to be a one time deal, but It got me thinking about all sorts of things. A link that I put on Facebook made me think even more and the experience I have with teaching self-defense and fitness/personal training got me even more worked up about writing some more on the subject.

In the first self-reliance blog entry, I compared some basic ideas of self-reliance and the ability to fend for one-self in other situations such as self-defense. You might say I tried to make you think about considering if you should widen the areas of your life in which you are self-reliant to your ability protect yourself.

In this one, the trainer/coach in me is coming out some more.  My question for you this time around is: How much do you know about what you are feeding yourself or your children for that matter?

The following questions might arise suddenly: Is it self-reliant to not know what is going on with your food? Is it self-reliance when people follow the crowd blindly? Is that not what we are doing when we let other people dictate what we need to know about our food, about our life and well being?

If you are like me, you are not a Prepper in the common use of the word. Some people can be extreme. More power to them if that is truly what they want. I can live with and be happy with just having a certain amount of control with my life and by playing the “what if game”. I have recently closed my company to start working for others. Less stress and more time to lead my son into his future is a necessity for me. Another area in which we all need more control is food quality.

My asthma is no longer a problem for me because we don’t eat foods with wheat gluten anymore. Sometimes we eat rice, live with it, we are not completely Paleo. Part of being a paleo family is knowing about what happens to your engine when it burns different fuels ( processed food is one kind of fuel). A comparison could be  a car  engine that breaks down when there is water in the gas tank … what do you think would happen to your engine when the wrong things get mixed into the gas? As I read more and more about the effects of specific foods on the human body I became more aware that we, as a whole, are not getting all the information we need from our doctors and other professionals who are supposed to know much more. The problem is also the fact that they are not getting all the information as well. Add to that the fact that wanting all the information is often called radical by the companies that are against us knowing everything. What do you get?  …. A lot of watered down information that has to do with our health and our children’s health.

My last doctor replied to my accusation that he had no knowledge of nutrition by saying … “why should I?” It makes you think doesn’t it. I got rid of then man!

I know how much the changes we have made can and have effected our health and well being, through first hand experiences. You have to ask yourself now, if you are ready to be more self-reliant regarding your health. Just eating real food without all the added extras alone will make a difference in your life. Making changes to get rid of gut irritants makes even more of a change.

Do you know that there is something called bone broth? By making bone broth when we cook a duck, turkey or chicken ion the oven, we take responsibility for our own health. In this case joint health. Did you know that soy milk is full of anti-nutrients that actually leaches the bone healthy minerals out of you? There is more. Self-reliance is not taking other persons words as the truth without checking the facts.

The health industry is an industry, and that means that there are factions and lobby groups that work for their own interest not yours. A business prime aim is to make money. Nutrition is a business in every part of the word.

Self-reliance should encompass as many aspects of our lives as we can cope with and still enjoy life. The gas that makes the engine run with out breakdowns just might be a good place to start.

We’ll see if there is a self-reliance #3, It depends on if something gets under my skin. I am still working on getting MA to write a few entries on the blog. If you know him you are welcome to give him a little pinch.

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I have gone a little extra redneck lately. My son and I ordered some para cord to make a few things with. He is a boy scout and self-reliance is part of what he is learning. Knots and general abilities to use a hatchet / knife as well as other abilities is part of the process. We have been talking about a day trip in which we will build a little shelter as well as an a-frame to cook from. This is all part of my ongoing plan to make sure my boy can take care of himself when he is older … Pop can’t be there for ever you know.

All this got me to thinking about my general direction lately and to a degree about my whole life. My boy learned early on to help me with building projects.  How self-reliant are you? What is self-reliance? The ability to rely on one self is the easy answer.

The next question is how reliant do we have to be? That is very different. That gets into the philosophical aspect of life. There are the redneck types who want to be able to fend for them self in almost any situations and there are the types that think the communal type societies are the only way to go. You see that a lot here in DK where I live. Don’t think both types don’t exist in all societies / groups / countries, they are everywhere.

I am also teaching my boy to use a two-handed wooden sword. He helped to shape it on a belt sander. The process itself helped to teach him that he has to work for what he wants from life. He is responsible for his happiness and his future … with a little help from dad of course 😉 .  He is learning to defend himself in hand to hand situations when we train with the waisters (wooden swords) He is developing  body mechanics and balance as well as a mental strength. Teaching him more relevant self-dense will be much easier as time goes by. He is having fun as well as building up a feeling of self-reliance.

You should be able to see where I am going with all this. There are people who want to be able to to rely on the police and society for their safety and there are the totally self-reliant types. I like the idea of being somewhere in the middle. We need societies rules and norms to avoid anarchy and experience each other bests attributes. We have to be responsible for our own safety as well though! The police or the local security guard or just the bystander who has the balls to help can’t always be there. The last is really scary when you have been the only person to help when you are among hundreds of people. I can write about that another time. It’s a funny story in one way because the only two people who helped were an American and a Russian and we were in Denmark !

Any hoo,  back to self-reliance. Just as we have insurance for the unlikely event that we die and our family needs to be taken care of, we need to have an insurance policy that is called self-defense training / combative training. This idea has been pushed home for me in many ways. One was when a women came to us after a course for women and told us how she felt as if she could take care of herself after the effects of a long abusive relationship. The course we gave was worth the energy we spent on it just because of that one women! We need to feel empowered in order to get all we can out of life. I hope my son feels empowered and will grow to feel even more so in the future. That is what we want for our family and our selves after all. There are many degrees of self-reliance and many situations

I hope you like the pictures and as always, I hope I have made you think.

Be proactive in Life and Training