Secrets of the Samurai Sword

Secrets of the Samurai Sword video

I hope ya’ll are doing well. As always It’s cool to look at the different cultures and their use of weapons ( and the culture that is built up around that aspect). In the Craftsman’s Corner, we have looked at the knife making from Sweden and other places, viking sword making and some others. Today we’ll look at the samurai sword, ( the video is Secrets of the Samurai Sword) some of what goes into it’s making and some of the culture that surrounds it.

We will most likely go to the Philippines or something from that region of the world with the next post in this category ( Craftsman’s Corner). I’ve had the chance to train with katanas and it went very well because of the knowledge from european sword fighting and escrima. Add some saber techniques into the mix with a feeling for the sword and you start to understand many reason for what people do with them.

Ya’ll enjoy and Stay Proactive in Life and Training